Home Office/Desk

It’s always nice to have a desired space to do work at home rather that be school work or actual office work. I personally like to have a space where I can sit down and complete work, with trying to eliminate the distractions, that are at home.DSCF2568

I love having a glass desk, as it’s just simple and it opens the room up. The chair has a brocade french pattern that’s grey, I got the chair from Winners. The accent colour that is throughout the room is mint. The mint pillow is from HomeSense, the white lace manikin is from Winners, this just brings in an element of vintage chic style to balance of the chair. The vibe I was going for the office area was modern chic, with some vintage elements. So when I seen the Love sign at Michael’s it was perfect, it even adds as a light source! The flowers and mason jar are also from Michael’s. The Paris holder is from Winners, this is a great item as it can hold important paper work, and its also a useful area to hang some sunglasses. I love Lauren Conrad’s book, I definitely love her style! Another item that is a must have is a candle, something that is simply calming when doing school work or work. Another must have is a note-book, and of course your computer and phone.






Taylor xo

6 thoughts on “Home Office/Desk

    1. Aww thank you kindly!! Yes just getting into blogging and so far I absolutely love it! You Instagram page is absolutely beautiful so I can’t wait to read your blog! ❤ xx


  1. Yes things can definitely get real busy! Your vlogs were also amazing! 💕I’m actually thinking about starting YouTube as well 😊


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