Fall Favourites

Seems like this fall just started and now its over.



My 2015 fall favourites include decor, candles, fashion and makeup, who would have guessed! I love decorating and having a theme for every room, whether that be going for a modern chic look, or a chic vintage look. For my room I currently have a chic tumblr inspired theme. So when I found this Love sigh at Michaels I had to get it! It is very tumblr/pinterest inspired, which is great for a desk. The next decor piece I have is the Eiffel Tower, which is again tumblr inspired from Winners. Candles are definitely a must have year round, however especially for fall.  For fall scents, I like to have spiced/musky candles like apple cinnamon, ginger bread, and leaves from Bath and Body.

Booties are also an essential!  My fall favourites and go to boots are these tan cutout booties with gold buckles which is from Winners. They are very comfortable and tie together any outfit! Black purses/totes are another essential for myself, as black purses go with any outfit and theres no thought about it. However with that being said, I also really like bold colour bags such as a burgundy colour, which is also perfect and screams fall! One of my small, go to purses at the moment has been the Nella Bella by Tarek. This purse is awesome as it has two different size bags, that can both attach together and they have three different straps, so really your opinions are endless with this purse!


Fall beauty favourites, has to go to Maybelline ‘Nude Pallete’ which has been my go to. It has various different shades from matte to satin and even some shimmer. There are countless different eye looks that you can create with this pallete. The eye shadow quality is very good and very blend able, which is what we all want in great eye shadows! As for lips I have absolutely been loving the nude lip, even through having a dark or even purple lip for fall is one of my favourites. I find a nude lip is just great for everyday and is something simple. The lip combination that I have been loving are both L’Oreal ‘Colour Riche’ products the lip stick is in ‘181 Sheer Linen’ and the lip gloss is in ‘120 Rich Pink’. The other lip gloss is by GUERLAIN, which is a mauve colour in ‘998’.  As for go to fall fragrance it has been Chloe ‘Roses De Chole’, which is you guessed it a rose/floral scent!

Those have been my Fall Favourites for 2015!

Hope you enjoyed!

Taylor xo



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