November Favourites

Fall is almost over already… What? Fall is one of the best seasons in my opinion, for fashion trends and makeup and its now moving over for winter and snow. Fall represents colour changes, warmth by the fire and of course lattes! Since November is almost over, heres some of my favourites I have been loving!


First off it wouldn’t be fall without booties and scarfs! Scarfs are not just cute and complete an outfit, but they keep you warm which is totally a bonus, especially, with the colder weather.  One of my favourite booties that give an outfit an edgy look, are the back booties with sliver embellishments, which are from JustFab. The tan booties with cut outs and gold buckles are from Winners, these booties are very simple and give an outfit a more girly/feminine look. Scarfs are definitely a staple for me as they just complete any outfit. Even a basic outfit, as in a t-shirt and leggings, adding a scarf just adds a girly flare and complete the basic outfit! Both the big knitted infinity scarf and fall floral scarf are from Reitmans. I use to always think Reitmans was an mature ladies shop however, the last few years they have really bumped up their quality and style aiming it towards young women. They have great styles and some very trendy pieces.

Its not fall if theres no Pumpkin spice lattes around, am I right?! They aren’t just a fall favourite, they are also a great caffeine pick me up! Another favourite is candles, candles just fill a room with and amazing scent while making the room feel homie! This month I have been loving apple cinnamon and pumpkin scented candles as it just screams fall. One of my favourite perfumes is Taylor Swift’s ‘Enchanted WonderStruck’, I have to say its one of my signature fragrances, its just over all wonderful! It’s a sweet smelling perfume however, it has a bit of a musky scent to it as well. The notes that are in the perfume include; wild berry, pink poppy, passion fruit and white musk. It is definitely one of my favourite perfumes! ALEX and ANI bracelets have totally been a trend, and they have such a great meaning behind each and every one, which is why I love them. They have beautiful pieces that are truly personal and are made with positive energy. The company promotes adorn the body, enlighten the mind and empower the spirit! Which I think is a beautiful message, each piece symbolists something different which makes the bangles totally personal.

One of my favourite sweaters I have been loving is from Winners by the brand Devoted, this sweater also has an edgy style to it with the leather sleeves and crossed zippers. I love the sweater as it is black and white which is a trend that I love for fall.  One of my favourite jackets for fall is also from Winners, which is a army green inspired jacket, army green is definitely my favourite colour for fall! This jackets also has some stitching embellishment down the sleeves, with gold buttons.

These have been my favourites for November!

Hope you enjoyed!

Taylor xo




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