Golden Eye Makeup Look

Golden eyes with bronzed skin.

The foundation that I started this look with is CoverGirl ‘3in1’, this is one of my holy grail foundations, as its long lasting, full coverage and has great selections in colours and tones. It also gives your skin a glow and is build able. I than used one of my favourite, if not favourite drug store concealers which is Hard Candy ‘Glam of Lauge’. That is totally full coverage and acts as a highlighter in the ‘very light’ shade, for my skin tone, when applied with a damp beauty blender. The Maybelline Matte Powder, is a great setting powder to insure that the foundation and concealer will last all day.

For the eyes I used the Maybelline Nude Pallete, this pallete is absouelty amazing, as it has various different shades from matte to satin and even some shimmery shades. I used the first shade to highlight my brow bone and inner eye corner. The shade I used for the crease is the top fourth one (an arrow pointing at it), which is a brown/golden satin shade. The bottom third shade which is a gold shimmer, I put all over the lid. I blended the crease shade and the lid shade together so there would be no harsh lines. As for lashes I went with one of the best mascaras, Maybelline ‘The Rocket’.  Which has been out for a long time, however when I love a makeup product I tend to buy extras for back ups. This mascara is great for length and volume, plus it is truly very black! Eye brows I like to keep defined so I used the Marcelle ‘Eyebrow pencil’ and topping it off with the Maybelline ‘Brow Drama’ to keep them in place, we don’t need any lose stranglers!

As for bronzed I used another holy grail bronzer, which is the NYC ‘Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder’. Blush I actually mixed two, this way I got a berry/peachy blush. I used Rimmel blush in ’30 Berry’ and MILANI Baked Blush in ’05 Luminoso’, which is a peachy blush with a shimmer to it. So this blush combination also gave a glow. Lastly for lips I kept it quite simple as I wanted the focus to be on the golden eyes and bronzed skin. I used Revlon Just Bitten in ‘Honey’ and NYX Butter Gloss in ‘ `Eclair’.

This look is very simple and is a makeup look, many skin tones can pull off! This makeup can also be turned into a glam look with adding lashes, a red lip and/or dark lip.

Hope you enjoyed!!

Taylor xo

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