Winter Must Haves

Winter is definelty my least favourite season simply as it is so bloody cold! Plus its our longest season, like bring on summer already! Anyways, these are a few of my winter must haves. Winter is all about trying to stay warm and cozy by the fire with christmas scented candles! Some of my must-have items for the winter time are, definitely some cozy warm blankets, especially the ones with fleece lining. You also can’t forget about nice cozy pillows, Winners and HomeSense always have great selections on pillows and blankets.  Two candles I have absolutely been loving have been, Cinnamon Donuts and Apple Orchard. As the apple candle gives off a fresh scent, the cinnamon donuts is a spicy musky scent, which I love for this time of year as well as for the fall! Staying on the topic of keeping cozy warm, we can’t forget about the fuzzy socks, slippers and of course onesies! What more screams winter time, than a onesie, am I  right?! When you’re all cozy by the fire, in your onesie with of course cozy blankets and pillows, what’s better than watching some nextflix!


As for winter skin care and beauty products, its all about staying moisturized. My holy grail favorite body lotion, has to go to Soap and Glory ‘The Righteous Butter’, since winter is very harsh on our skin we need to make sure we are putting moisture back into our skin. This is one of the best moisturizers that will help even dry skin, feel smooth again, yet it doesn’t stop there. ‘The Righteous Butter’ by Soap and Glory has one of the best scents, which is one reason this company is well known for! Another moisturizer that I really love is the St. Ives ‘Fresh Dehydration Lotion’. This lotion is so easy to apply as it’s in a spray bottle, so it’s just a spray and go! Onto face moisturizer, the one I have recently been loving is by L’Oreal ‘Revitalift’, this moisturizer is thick, which is a great to apply before bed! As for lip products, you can never go wrong with the ESO lip balm, which is very moisturizing. The lip product I like to apply before bed is also by Soap and Glory, which is ‘A Great Kisser lip moisturizing balm’. As for lipstick, what screams a perfect winter lipstick, more than a red lip! The red lipstick I have absolutely been loving is this divine lipstick by SHISEIDO in ‘Perfect Rouge’. One of my favourite red lip glosses for winter has to go to GUERLAIN in ‘821’ which is a pinky red, this looks good on fair skin tones. Onto nails, my two recent go to nail polishes are by Sally Hansen, which is on of my favourite drug store nail polishes in ‘Insta-Dri 800 OMGhost’ the white one. My next favorite is also by Sally Hansen in ‘310 Guilty Pleasure’, this is a nice gold color for the Holiday Season!


Now onto hair, I don’t know if it’s just me but curly wavy hair screams holiday season! Curly hair just looks all put together and can be styled  many different ways, no matter what length your hair is. My favorite curling wand is by Nume the Titan3, not only is this curling and my favourite colour, but it has three different attachments. Nume Titan3 professional curly wand comes with three titanium heat barrels in 19 mm, 25 m and my favourite one in 32 mm. The smallest wand, is perfect if you have shorter length hair, or wanted tighter curl, well the medium barrel will give you nice curls or ways depending on the length of your hair, same goes for the largest barrel!

The strong, 100% titanium barrel found in the Titan 3 is the top choice and most widely used styling tool of celebrity stylists and hair professionals world-wide. The pure titanium-infused barrels in 19mm, 25mm, and 32mm, are built for hair that has difficulty holding a curl, imparting the longest-lasting hold possible. For tight curls and waves, a beachy-texture or the perfect bounce, that will last days! This curling wand gives you endless options!


This outfit here is something very basic, and overall just very casual! For winter you want to stay comfy and warm so what’s more perfect than an oversized sweater and some leggings?!  I tend to gravitate towards leggings that have more detail than just plain leggings, these leggings are quite thick so ultimately they don’t look like leggings. They also have some leather panels, to elongate the legs as well as just bringing a edgier element to leggings. The leggings are from Winners and the sweater is from H&M. UGGS are always my go to boots in the winter, as they simply feel like you’re walking on a cloud. I always like to add a statement necklace, when wearing a cozy basic outfit, as it pulls outfit altogether! One of my favorite perfumes for the winter is by Chloe in ‘Rose’, this perfume is a perfect happy medium with something that is floral while also having a musky scent.


As for winter jacket, I always tend to gravitate towards trench or pea coat jackets. I absolutely adore this jacket by Soia&Kyo, which is designed by a Canadian designer. Even though this jacket is fashion forward compared to typical winter jackets, this jacket is very warm as one of the main fabric is wool.

Hope you lovelies enjoyed reading my winter must have!

Taylor xo

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