2016 Fashion Trends

With graphic black and white, hard-hitting punk, folksy tribal, military styling and an Eighties comeback, the continuation of a Seventies Summer tells a story of multiple influences for Fall/Winter 2015-2016.  These trends are starting to make there way into shops and wardrobes, which I’m very excited about! I can honestly say 2016 is going to be on point with both fashion and beauty trends!


Black and white is one of my favourite trends and is also going to be huge in 2016 as well! The combination of black and white makes a visually stimulating and modern impact this season. Used in sophisticated colourblocking, displaced stripes and bold trims, this classic pairing lends a simple, contemporary finish to collections. Simply making any outfit look interesting, if you have anything black or white throw it on an you are officially trendy!


Reefer Jackets are quite classic and can make any outfit look put together and professional. Now who doesn’t want to look like a boss! Reefer Jackets are very authentic, as well as a timeless classic that never seems to go out of fashion, but particularly “in” at the moment.


Arctic Fur- The summer trend with tribal elements is here again, but the key winter element is the fur. Eskimo-style is the best what you can buy for the winter. Which I’m not a big fan of, as I think faux fur is way better, why use poor animals, when we are in the 21st century and don’t have to relay or fur or animal skin to be a source of warmth. Anyways, this could always be a big decision however its a trend for 2016. Many brands and designers that I have researched are using faux fur!

From the examples above, the color palette is rich , from the bright to the dark shades. The fur can be imitation, too. The longer is the fur, the more modern will be the outerwear.


Velvet is a major trend for 2016 cold season, and its comeback to our sartorial lives I literally don’t know whether I’m all for yay or nay. Velvet looks amazing actually in deep colours: red, blue, green, black, and in blazers. Velvet blazers? Now that is something that will always looks incredibly cool. More and more celebs and fashion VIPs are seen in velvet blazers or suits in bold colours. Truth is this look holds a certain vintage elegance to it. So I guess we will see how this trend goes, but so far I’m leading more towards it! If styled right!


Quilted Jackets have been in the last few years and are now back for 2016! Traditional quilting involves two layers of fabric with padding in between, held in place by stitching. But now some designers are skipping the padding and using the stitching to create a subtle, sculptural fit. Quilted jackets can either look sporty or chic. However with this trend it can be hard to find a quilted jacket that fits well and doesn’t make you look like a marshmallow, however most of those days are over since quilted jackets have come a far way since!


Military Style is one of the trends I have always loved, as it can look all put together and have a bit of a edge element!  Plus there are many designers and brands that nail this trend, with amazing Military inspired jackets! The army jacket has experienced a dizzying evolution over the past half-century.


Slick Vinyl is a trend that I’m on the fence with, as I haven’t personally found a piece that I would actually style or wear.  That of course is actually affordable and not with a big designer price tag! Black vinyl has been associated with fetishists’ attire, the ’70s punk scene, which is coming back for 2016.


Now I absolute love this trend as its very chic and modern! The Snow White fad looks like the trend is showing no signs of slowing down, since the Fall 2015 runways in New York have so far been awash in furry accoutrements that cry, “Look at me!” From striped fur stoles to pastel furry coats, designers are using fur accents (whether real or faux). The clean chic winter is just all the talk for 2016 Winter!


Pastels were and are, all the talk especially light rose pink! Welcome to the world of pastel hues, where pops of mellow yellows or soft lavenders are the perfect antidote to any dark or pallid wardrobe.


I personally like this trend, as it is much edgier than the pervious trends for 2016. I love myself a good leather jacket and ripped jeans! From ripped jeans and mini-skirts with torn tights to chains, nails and head-to-toe leather, this season designers are bringing punk-rock back.


The 80’s are Back, is this a good thing or something to be worried about?! After the seventies look this summer, it’s the turn of the 80s to be celebrated this winter. Shocking colours, chic shoulders, a renewal of volumes and a return to sequins, the eighties are coming back bolder than ever.


Jersey Dresses are going to be all the talk for 2016 winter.If last winter was all about flares and chunky knits, this time around the dresses are getting the jersey treatment. The jersey fabric has definitely undergone a lot of changes since its inception. Earlier the fabric was only used for casual wear or sportswear wherein the silhouettes ranged from t-shirts and shorts. But now, with the evolved technology, you can see beautiful draping of jersey in evening wear dresses.The fabric is warm, flexible, stretchy and very insulating, making it a popular choice for all the laying this winter!


The Leopard Print is a spotted print that  is both bold and timeless. Animal prints are like neutrals they’re made up of brown, beige, and black, after all. They’re seasonless, and you can wear them with almost anything.


Spring 2016 will be all about the shine, just add sparkle and glam to your wardrobe. The glitz wasn’t limited to evening wear though, with lustrous daywear pieces in pastel colors and glittery graphic prints. Prepare to be dazzled!


Head to toe Sequins is what 2016 winter and especially spring will be the new thing. Besides sequins hold a special place in the heart of every fashion girl! Now of course it only looks right when styled properly and is proportional with someones figure.

Those are a few of the upcoming trends for 2016, well some of those trends are making a come back! Hope you lovelies enjoyed and may 2016 be a fabulous year for you all!! ❤

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Taylor xo

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