RistRoller Review

This Post is sponsored by RistRoller! I was sent the product to review and all opinions are my own!

I have been testing out the RistRoller for a while now and can definitely say its an essential! Whether that be a desk essential as its perfect for rolling out your wrists, after spending time at the computer typing away! It is also great for anyone who might have carpal tunnel.


The RistRoller is a mini foam roller you can use anywhere. The mini foam rolling is an offshoot of traditional foam rolling, which is widely practiced in athletic, rehabilitative, and home settings to improve range of motion, decrease soreness, and relieve pain. These small rollers are perfect for the office. We all know the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.”, and the Ristroller is small enough to remain on someone’s desk, inevitably leading to more use.

I recommend the Ristroller to anyone who works at a desk or computer on a daily basis, as well as individuals suffering from wrist or forearm discomfort.

If you want Check out the RistRoller Here!

Hope you lovelies enjoyed and let me know if you have ever used a foam roller!! I’m still new to the foam rollers, and defiantly want to check more out! Hope you lovelies have a fabulous day!! ❤

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4 thoughts on “RistRoller Review

  1. Ah I love things like this because we spend so much time on laptops, tablets or mobile phones. I’ve got something similar for my back, but I might just get this wrist roller, it looks promising!

    thefredalee.com x

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