Spring 2016 Trends

Spring trends are going to be interesting to say the least! Spring is definitely one of my favourite seasons as the snow is all melting and the days are getting longer and brighter! Bring on the sunshine and warmer weather! So we can retire those winter jackets! #CanadianProblems


Glitter lips, roots, arm pits, and even beards for the boys…you name it, it’s going to be covered in glitter! Glitter nail polish is my current favourite!


The twist, like this one from Public School will be Spring 2016 new braid. And for those who are, braid-challenged like myself with some of the complex braids! Rest assured that it’s much easier to achieve, as you ONLY have to divide a ponytail in half and twist the sections around each other.

freckles1.jpgFreckles are gaining more and more attention on the runways as a soft, sun-kissed touch for the complexion. The young-looking flecks offsets the caked-on feel of a heavy contour for makeup trends this Spring and Summer! While you can dot them on with a eyeliner or brown pen.


The ever lasting Lob! Which I love but when I had this hair style, I missed having long hair so much! However I will have to see if I try it out again!


Bronzer and contour is still a thing! However contouring will be concerned, as a more gentle, sheer, see-through application so that the effect is less theatrical and more believable!

Some of these trends are definitely happening! I did a 2016 makeup and fashion trends post for each!

2016 Fashion Trends

2016 Makeup Trends

Let me know what trends you are liking so far! Or trends you want to fad quick!



8 thoughts on “Spring 2016 Trends

      1. Yes, thats how I was when, I first cut my hair short in the lob last year! If you really like the style I would cut it like a lob, but still have a lot of length. That way you don’t lose all the length! ❤ Its definitely scary going to a shorter hair style!

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      2. Oh really! Yes shorter layers can be a pain! Depending on how short your layers are! I would see how you could incorporate a longer lob hair style! Or sometimes just a fresh trim with textured ends can make all the difference, if committing to a lob is to hard! Your hair is absolutely beautiful btw!! ❤ xx

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      3. Thank you, I had it dyed in december and I want to get a lob but I am worried about cutting all the colour off the ends, I also have prom in june and I don’t know whether to stay longer until that is over or go against the norm x

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      4. Aww I know how that feels! I would say maybe wait till your prom is over cause you don’t want to have that chance of not liking it! But it also depends or the hair stylist cause some can do an amazing lob cut, that is even longer than the usual lob! But if you love your long hair, I would definitely stay with it until Prom is over! But thats just want I would do haha ❤ xx

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