GoodBye Dry Hair!!


As soon as I got this Kenra Platinum Professional Hair Line in the mail, I was so excited to use it! I have always heard so many great things about Kenra Hair Products and couldn’t wait to try out their new Line which is ‘The Platinum Revive System‘! I’ve been using these products for a while now and they are definitely one of my most used hair products! I must say I absolutely love trying out many different hair products, as my hair tends to get use to a certain types after a while, and will not look it best! By either being to dry or in some cases weighted down and oily! So mixing up hair care products and switching is a must for myself!


First off is the ‘After Colouring Repair Revive Shampoo and Conditioner’! Lets just take a moment to appreciate the packaging! I absolutely love the Sliver sheen! This shampoo and conditioner is suppose to repair and improve your hair elasticity! I can honestly notice a difference with my hair strength. As I have thick hair, however it sometimes is brittle especially in the cold winter months!


Since using the shampoo and conditioner alone, I have noticed that when I brush my hair, I don’t have a lot in the brush! I will admit, I am guilty for brushing my hair from the root to the bottom, instead of working my way up! But with that being said, this hair line has helped with saving my hair from breaking off, which in the long run will continue to rebuild my hair strength! I can’t forget to mention the smell of this hair line! It honestly smells so good, that smell like you just walked out of the hair salon!


Next is the hair mask! Now I definitely love using hair masks as it just helps to deep condition your hair especially the split ends. I’ve been using this hair mask twice a week and I am hooked, not only does it leave your hair feeling smooth, shiny and repaired! It has truly helped with my split ends and dryness! Even though this Canadian winter was honestly not that bad, I definitely noticed that my hair and skin got drier than normal. I tend to use this hair mask, right when I get into the shower so it can sit on my hair for as long as possible.  As this hair mask helps moisturize and restore damage and radiance! I than use the shampoo, which I just focus on my roots, where oil can build up, and letting in run down my hair. However not focusing it on my ends as I want the mask to do all the conditioning. I than rise it out, and follow up with some of the Revive Conditioner! I know that you should use the mask after the shampoo, however I’ve been recently been doing it this way and absolutely love the results I’m getting!


Now its all about the ‘Revive Complex Leave-In Fortifier’. I am truly amazed with this product! I have used many Fortifiers before, but this one is definitely one of my favourites! As it doesn’t make your hair look greasy even if it does get up at your roots. Its main contribute is to smooth and fortify dry, brittle ends to combat damage. I absolutely love the smell of this leave in product, its the same scent of the rest of the line however, it is just more intense in a way that it will linger and keep your hair smelling amazing for days! Even when I use hot tools on my hair, I can still smell this products, which with many other products it won’t stay as the heat of tools usually gives a weird smell, when using a hot setting! I must say, this is probably may favourite product from this line!

Now I LOVE hair oils and use them after the shower and even after I style my hair, to give shiny and to also tam the frizz! This hair oil is lightweight which is perfect for mixing into a shampoo or even conditioner, as it simply won’t weight your hair down! This is perfect for even if you have fine thin hair, as I know many girls who don’t like to use oils, as they are afraid it will weight down their hair, making it even more flat! Even though, this oil is a oil base, it truly doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy at all. Which is one thing I don’t like with many oils, since my hair does tend to get oily! I’ve been using this oil before, I use heat on my hair, or even after its been styled! This oil is also great for adding a bit of shine on second or even third day day, helping to tamp any frizz and blend the split ends to prevent breakage!

After using this hair line for weeks now, I can truly say I absolutely love each of these products! I have definitely noticed a difference with the strength of my hair as well as just the look. My hair truly looks more health and hydrated, which it didn’t for a while as many products seemed to not be fully hydrating my hair, or when some did my hair was left looking weighted down and oily! Again my hair type is thick, colour treated from balayage ombre and well as just dry form the winter months!

If any of you lovelies have tried out products from the Kenra Professional hair line let me know! Its available at Chatters for all my Canadians and Ulta in the US!

Check them out on their page

I was sent this Hair Line to review and to give my option!

Hope you lovelies enjoyed and have a wonderful day!!

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12 thoughts on “GoodBye Dry Hair!!

  1. these seem like fab products! i struggle with finding the right balance between my oily roots and dry ends and that leave-in looks like it might get the job done right!
    great post!

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    1. Aww thank you lovely! These products are truly amazing!! Yes I always have a hard time finding products that work well, with both my oily roots and dry, damaged ends! The Leave-in has truly helped my dry ends, which makes me so happy! Plus it smells amazing!!

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