Liebster Award

Once again I am so amazed to be nominated again. The lovely one who has nominated my blog is the one and only Vicky and her blog is . If you haven’t seen her blog before, I definitely  recommend for you to go check her blog and all social media platforms out! She is so sweet and her blogs are absolutely amazing!! Thank you lovely so very much for this nomination!! ❤

I honestly am still mind blown that people are truly enjoying my blog never mind, being supported by many other bloggers! I just want to say a huge thank you!! The blogging community is full of overwhelming support and I am so grateful to be apart of it!  This is the sixth time, I’ve been nominated, however sadly I cant find the other bloggers that nominated me! 😦 But I’m honestly so honoured and can’t explain how grateful I am not to only have people who support my blog but also support passions! Much love xxxx

Get to know me more:

  1. I’m 19 years old
  2. I have always had a passion for fashion and makeup!
  3. I am a aspiring Fashion Student.
  4. I have been reading blogs for a few years now.
  5. It took me a long time to finally build up the confidence to just start my blog!
  6. I would like to start my YouTube channel again!
  7. I love social media.
  8. Mint green and light turquoise are my favourite colours

Questions from the lovely Vicky!! 

  1. How did you get into blogging? I honestly have been reading blogs for years and finally decided too, follow one of my passions!
  2. Who are you favourite bloggers? (if you have any) and why? To be honestly I don’t really have a favourite blogger, as I love to follow and read many different bloggers!!
  3. How did you come up with the name of your blog? It was pretty easy for me, as I wanted my name to be in the name for my blog and I thought TaylorTalksxo sounded like a alright name for my blog!
  4. How would you say is the best way to take a good photo? Is it the device? Lighting? etc. Definitely lighting! Good lighting can make any picture look good, from any device, especially if its naturally lighting. Yellow lighting that is caused for many light bulbs can affect your picture, so I’ve actually replaced my light bulbs with the day light ones, as it gives off a natural bright light!
  5. What’s your favourite APP for promoting you blog and why? I have to say Instagram as I absolutely love sharing pictures and love following you lovelies and other bloggers! I’m just getting back into Twitter now!
  6. Favourite beauty/makeup product finds of this month? Glitter Nail Polish! I haven’t gotten any new products this month, but I love the Kylie Jenner Lip products and hope i can get my hands on those one day!!
  7. What hobbies do you have? Other then blogging of  course. I of course love blogging so my next favourite hobby would be watching Youtube! I absolutely love watching hauls, makeup tutorials and of course vlogs!
  8. Do you have any tips for people wanting to start off a blog? Simply to just start! I have finally realized that there is never a perfect timing to start something you are passionate about! There will always be things you need to learn, no matter what area of life that is with! Plus the blogging community is so supportive and kind! So theres really no reason to not start, like i did for a few years!
  9. What’s one thing you like about my blog? I love how you have a mix of different types of blogs! Such as makeup looks and just topics, wish-lists and such! I want to eventually get into more fashion blogs and many some topic rants! I absolutely love your blog!! Keep up the amazing work lovely!! ❤
  10. Trying to be positive in every day life, how do you try and stay positive? What makes you smile? Its true, some days its hard to stay positive! But the one thing I always remember is simply everyone has their ups and downs, and thats a okay! But on days I’m not feeling positive, I always turn to music and quotes! I find music can help you with whatever is going on in your life. As for quotes, they just give you some inspiration and motivation you may be lacking on days! I have always be someone that loves to listen to music and ready inspiring quotes!
  11. Where would you like to visit and what would you do there?  I have always wanted to visit and even live in London England one day! Its been a city I have always wanted to go visit plus, I know have lots of bloggers and even many of my followers are from London or around the UK, which I have became friends with!

Question for my Nominees

  1. Whats your favourite part about blogging and the blogging community?
  2. How long have you been reading blogs for?
  3. Do you have a quote that you live by or like to keep in mind?
  4. What has been your biggest challenge  so far in the blogging world?
  5. If you could visit any country or city what would it be?
  6. If you are in or want to go to College/University what program career field are you going for/want to go for?
  7. Whats your favourite makeup brand and why?
  8.  Where do you find most of your inspiration, for blog posts?
  9.  Do you prefer shopping for makeup or clothes?
  10.  Whats your favourite clothing store and why?
  11. If you could tell others new bloggers one thing you have learned so far about blogging what would it be?

My Nominees 

If you decide to participate I look forward to reading your answers and finding out more about each of you lovelies!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post! It was nice to share a little bit more about myself! I want to say a massive Thank You again to Vicky and the others for the nomination!! Love you lovelies!! ❤



12 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. hi dear!! wow! thx a lot for the nomination 🙂 I have to say too – it’s really mind blowing that you enjoyed my blog ❤❤ now.. I’m little lost here… what do I have to do? Help! haha…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww no worries lovely!! ❤ So if you decide to take part.. and I hope you do!! All you have to do is share a few facts about yourself, answer my questions I left for you lovelies! 🙂 You than, will create new questions for your nominees! I love it! As its a great way to recognize other bloggers, plus its a fun way to get to know one another!! The support within the blogging community is honestly unbelievable!! ❤ xx


    1. Aww no worries!! Yes it is definitely a great way to get to know other bloggers!! ❤ I love your blog, keep up the amazing work lovely!! xoxo


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