Top 10 Drug Store Products

Although shopping at Sephora is great when buying quality makeup, it can get pretty pricey! Over the hundreds of brands at popular cosmetics stores, the totals can start to add up! What a lot of people don’t know is that you can find high-quality products for a much cheaper price at local drugstores. Sometimes those are all I use! Here are my fave ten you can check out too!


First thing first lets talk face products!

As for a cleanser and makeup remover it has to go to Garnier Micella Water, as this product is absolutely amazing at removing all the makeup and oil off your face.

CoverGirl 3in1 Foundation is by far one of my favourite foundations, as its full coverage, and blend-able. Plus the Ivory shade is actually a perfect match for my skin tone, as I find some foundations in Ivory shades are either have to much of a pink or yellow undertone.

Pressed Powder, now I actually have two that are my favourite drug store ones. The first one is the Rimmel Stay Matte (Which I am actually out of right now). My next favourite has to be Maybelline Dream Matte Powder. As its light on the skin and doesn’t add more colour, therefore it doesn’t look cakey!

Onto Concealer, now this one is definitely my holy grail makeup product and many of you probably know!! Hard Candy ‘Glamoflauge’ Concealer. This concealer works 10x better than some of the expensive brands I’ve tried before.  Its full coverage, it can easily cover up a tattoo, its that intense. However, a little goes very far, and it is applied best with a damp beauty blender and set with a powder. I love this concealer for under the eyes and to also highlight the face!



NYX Powder Blush! First up these little blushes are very pigmented and blend amazingly! So a little goes a long way with these blushes! Plus they have a huge selection in shades to choose from!

Maybelline Fit Me Bronzer, I absolutely love these bronzers as they are great to use to contour and both bronze up the skin. However, one of the main reasons why they are my favourite is that they have shades that work with very fair skin tones..Pale people problems!! I find that the ‘light bronze’ and ‘deep bronze’ work perfectly with my skin tone.





CoverGirl Mascara especially the ‘Clump Crusher’. CoverGirl  sells a wide variety of mascaras and I’ve tried almost all of them. They’re even better than most of the high-brand mascaras I’ve had in the past!

Maybelline ‘The Nudes Palette’ is honestly one of my favourite drug store palettes. These shadows are very blend-able and the quality of them are really good. Plus this palette is right up my ally with all the nude shades.

To set those brows in place all day my go to brow product is the Maybelline ‘Brow Drama in soft brown’. I absolutely love this product as it sets your brows in place but also gives they a slight colour. So even on natural makeup days this one brow product will still make your brows look amazing!

I have to give the lip balm to EOS. I didn’t understand the big rave about this product before i tried them out a long time ago, but i must say i may a little obsessed!

Hope you lovelies enjoyed and let me know what Drug Store products you absolutely love!!



33 thoughts on “Top 10 Drug Store Products

  1. Great post! I love the rimmel stay matte powder 💖 The maybelline nudes palette looks really good I might have to try it soon! 😊 xxx

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    1. Aww thank you lovely!! Yes the Rimmel Stay Matte is definitely a must have!! 🙂 These Maybelline Palettes are honestly amazing! The nudes is my favourite, but they have I believe 4 palettes now! The shadow quality is amazing as well!! ❤

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  2. I have the worst under eye circles ever (okay maybe they aren’t that bad but I sure hate them). I struggle to find concealer. No matter what I use you can either see the darkness still or it looks cakey as hell. does the Hard Candy ‘Glamoflauge’ Concealer work well on dark circles?.

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    1. Yes Hard Candy ‘Glamoflauge’ is honeslty amazing! Its full coverage and if applied with a damp beauty blender (as thats the way that works best on my skin) it doesn’t crease. But I do still set it with a powder, as my under eyes are prone to creasing! I definitely recommend this concealer, I love it more than some high end concealers! Its the concealer I use all the time! Hope that helps lovely!! Thank you again!! ❤ xx

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    1. Aww thank you loves!! Yess, aren’t NYX blushes the best!! I’m absolutely loving the Garnier Micellar Water!! ❤ Thank you again lovelies!! xx

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    1. Aww thank you so much lovely!! Yes Maybelline Brow Drama is one of my all time favourite brow products! Isn’t the Garnier Micellar Water amazing!! ❤ Thanks again lovely ❤ xx


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