First Impressions: NYX Dewy Finishing Spray

I recently purchased the NYX Cosmetics Dewy Finish Setting Spray from Shoppers Drug Mart and have decided to do a first impressions review on it!
The first thing to note about this product is that it smells really makeup-y for lack of a better word. Personally I don’t like this but the scent doesn’t transfer onto the face and linger throughout the day.

In the past I’ve used spray bottles whereby the nozzle gets stuck and the liquid comes out in wet splatters which is not a good thing! Thankfully I have not had this problem with this spray as it comes out in a fine mist, allowing me to spray a nice, even layer over my face.


NYX do sell two versions of this product, the Dewy Finish version that I bought and a Matte Version- I chose the Dewy Finish because as it gets into spring I prefer a glowy, healthy look.

With regards to keeping my makeup in place, I have no complaints.
The purpose of this spray is to keep your makeup looking fresh with that “just-applied” look all day, keeping you complexion flawless and shielding it from temperature variations, sweat and air pollution. This would definitely be a great product if you find yourself constantly reapplying your makeup throughout the day.

Now, I have normal-dry skin, and I found the finish very pleasing and natural – not too dewy to the point of looking oily. It refreshed and cooled my skin and left my complexion flawless/airbrushed – not cakey nor powdery. However, for those of you with very oily skin, I wouldn’t suggest you buy the dewy finish spray – it will make your skin look even more oily and is not meant for oil-control. Although I haven’t tried it, you may want to look into buying the matte finish by NYX.

So far I definitely love this Dewy Setting Spray, i find if does a great job at setting my makeup and giving a healthy glow! Hope you lovelies enjoyed and let me know if you have tried it!!



25 thoughts on “First Impressions: NYX Dewy Finishing Spray

    1. Yes I definitely don’t like that feeling either!! They also have a great Matte setting spray as well. But I like having a dewy finish hehe!! Plus the price is absolutely amazing!! Love NYX Products!! Thank you lovely have a absolutely amazing day and weekend!! ❤ xxx

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      1. Yes its absolutely amazing!! haha yes cant wait to hear what you get and how you like it!! Thank you lovely!! ❤ xxx

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    1. Its honestly amazing!! Definitely give it a go lovely! Especially if you love dewy skin! I love to use it over a matte foundation, to give a nice glow! ❤


    1. Aww thank you lovely truly appreciate it!! Yes NYX has honestly some of the best makeup products! ❤


  1. Great review just enough info to add to the wishlist hahaa- haven’t tried any NYX products as they’re a bit hard to source in NZ, but will have to look for this one. Make-up-y smell is always the worse – scent is always a determining factor for me – but if the scent doesn’t linger I’m sure it’s bareable for 10-15 minutes.

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    1. Aww thank you so much lovely!! Truly appreciate it!! I have always wanted to go to NZ!! Yes if you can find NYX for a good shipping rate..I definitely recommend it! The products are absolutely amazing, especially compared to the amazing price! Haha yes the Make-up-y smell is not fun, but as soon as you spray it on your face you can’t smell it!! Have a lovely weekend gorgeous!! ❤ xx

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      1. That’s really good to know the smell dissipates – New Zealand is a beautiful country, glad to call it home, only disadvantage is sourcing makeup, amoungst other things.. drugstore brands like nyx and wet n wild, and even higher end, like Tarte are almost near impossible to find unless online, and Revlon and Maybelline is like $35+ here. haha YAY. The joys of being obsessed with pretty (shameless plug ..) Hope you have a fabulous weekend as well doll!!

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  2. Great review! Good setting sprays are amazing to find. The detail in this review is just perfect! I own the matte version of this and it works well, I recommend you try it also!

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