Makeup Haul

I’m finally getting my hands on some new/some of my favourite makeup products and here they are!! Lets first talk about the L’OREAL LA Palette Nude 2! I’ve been seeing this palette go around on Instagram and wanted to get my hands on it! The shades are totally up my ally and they look to be pigmented plus this palette has mostly matte shadows and a few that are satin!


Lets talk about primers! One of my holy grail eye shadow primers is the one and only Urban Decay EyeShadow Primer Potion! As it will insure your shadows last all day without creasing as well as appearing more vibrant! What more could a eyeshadow primer do?! The next primer i wanted to try out is the Maybelline Master Prime Green, as it helps cancel out any redness on the skin and correctors and evens out skin complexion!

My holy grail foundation, that i was out of and definitely needed to get another is the CoverGirl 3in1. This foundation is truly amazing as its medium to full coverage while still being light weight. Its easy to blend and is very build able, plus theres many different shades to get your perfect colour! They separate them from being warm undertones and yellow undertones!


Next up is this Revlon  Grow Luscious Plumpin Mascara, I wanted to try it out as I heard a few good things about it! I also always love to change up mascaras quite often as I always like to find a new one that may be my holy grail!

As for the lips I got two products which are both from Maybelline! The first one is a lip stain, Maybelline Super Stay 24 in ‘130 Cinnamon Stay’,  I absolutely love these lip stains and wanted to get it in a deep nude shade. I than also got a Whisper in ’25 Lust For Blush’.IMG_8256

The last two products are definitely random with the one being Polysporin Blister. These are definitely essential for myself in the spring and summer months wearing sandals and wedges that can be very uncomfortable and cause blisters, which are always annoying to have! Lastly I got two pair of eye rings for a Brand called Joe Fresh, which is now being carried in Shoppers Drug Mart for all my Canadian lovelies!!

Hope you lovelies enjoyed!! ❤



28 thoughts on “Makeup Haul

    1. Yes its truly amazing! Definitely my holy grail foundation!! I don’t even know how my bottles I have gone through!! Thank you lovely!! ❤ xx

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      1. It has to be the Cinnamon Stay, I love the deep shades, however I definitely want to try out others as well!!


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