L’OREAL LA Palette Nude 2- Review

I finally got my hands on this palette! Since L’Oreal owns Urban Decay, it’s no surprise that the shape of the pans, as well as the overall size of the palette, is similar to the Urban Decay Naked palettes. When I first seen this palette I automatically thought of Urban Decay 3 Palette, as theres very similar shades and tones, from both.

La Palette Nude 2_3

The L’OREAL La Palette 2Β contains 10 cool toned neutral shades in a variety of finishes, from matte to satin to a subtle shimmery sheen. At first glance there does appear to be a nice variety of light and dark shades, as well as some fun pops of colour. However, as you’ll see once we get to swatching, I found that most of these colours actually appeared quite dark on my light to medium complexion. Inside the palette you also get a decent, elongated mirror, as well as a double sided brush and sponge tip applicator.This brush has soft bristles, but the overall feel is pretty floppy. I would probably only use this brush in a pinch, and only for blending. since it’s not stiff enough for colour application.

La Palette Nude 2_1

The packaging and design on this palette is decent, although perhaps a little bulky. The plastic casing does sort of scream “drugstore” to me, but I can see that they were trying to give the palette a little bit of an upscale feel with the sleek gold on black minimalistic design. The shadow pans themselves are quite large, so you definitely are getting quite a bit of product. Also, rather than being ordered from light to dark, it appears that the pans are grouped by shade family to make it a bit easier to see what shades you should pair together.

La Palette Nude 2 Swatch.jpg

In terms of formula and blend ability, above you’ll see a primer-less swatch of all of the colours. I found the pigmentation to be about mid range, with the darker and sheenier formulas being the strongest, and the light matte colours being the weakest. The texture of these shadows is decent, although not necessarily as creamy or finely milled as a high end shadow palette. The deepest matte shades were a little bit chalky and streaky, and do take a little bit of work to blend. Ultimately these shadows left me feeling a little disappointed. I think I was hoping that L’Oreal would really up the drugstore eyeshadow game with this palette, and I sort of feel like it didn’t perform much better than anything else I’ve tried.

I cant wait to do some Makeup Looks with this palette! Hope you lovelies enjoyed what do you think about this palette?! ❀




22 thoughts on “L’OREAL LA Palette Nude 2- Review

      1. You are truly the sweetest!! Missed blogging last week!! Thank you again lovely!! ❀ xx


    1. I know right! I was very surprised as well!! I do definitely recommend to use a eyeshadow primer though!! But, yes the colour pay off is crazy, for a drug store brand! They are definitely stepping it up!! ❀ xx


    1. Its honestly amazing!! I love these shades and tones, defiantly a few options for different eye looks, while still staying neutral! ❀ Thank you lovely!! I'm sure you will absolutely love it!! <3xx

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    1. Yes it is very similar!! I do agree Urban Decay is definitely more pigmented! But it’s amazing how far Drug Store Brands are improving the quality of their products!! Plus it’s a great option for half the price!! Thank you lovely πŸ’—

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes they most definitely have!! That sounds awesome!! I will definitely check it out!! Never heard of it before!! Thank you lovely!! Hope you’re having a wonderful day!! πŸ’— xx

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      1. Yes I was honestly very surprised how pigmented the shadows are! It just shows that drug store products are definitely stepping up their quality!! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’—

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