Chanel Perfume

Chanel Chance is a very popular fragrance line that targets younger women and tries to introduce them to the Chanel line of perfumes. It has, so far, two flankers. The first is Eau Fraîche and the second is Eau Tendre.

Eau Tendre is the pretty-in-pink version that adds a blush of sweet grapefruit and powder to the mix.


Design: Eau Tendre is bottled like its Chance sisters. Held in a round glass bottle with a square cap the juice inside is a light, very girly pink. The glass has a nice, light weight to it. The presentation is clean and fits well with other Chanel fragrance bottles. I do think of all the fragrance houses, Chanel’s one of the better ones in terms of packaging.

Fragrance Family: Floral

Notes: Grapefruit, hyacinth, jasmine, iris, white musk, amber, cedarwood.


Eau Fraîche is in my eyes very much a Spring-time fragrance, with sparkling floral-fresh accords, no doubt I’ll be picking it up next Spring. Eau Tendre is ideal for this time of year, a fruity-floral fragrance with warm edges and a sparkling centre of grapefruit and jasmine. The bottle is beautiful, I’ve got the 100ml here which is quite handbag friendly and more than enough millilitres to last some spring and summer seasons.


Quality wise the fragrance is excellent, every accord comes into it’s own; I find the scent lingers on my skin all day although, as you would expect from an eau de toilette! It isn’t particularly strong nor detectable from a distance. I would say you need to use more of this than your average eau de toilette if you want it to last on your skin for as long as possible, or you would need to reapply at least once or twice throughout the day.

Whats your signature Chanel Fragrance?



11 thoughts on “Chanel Perfume

  1. I used to wear this one for such a long time and still love it. I am a sucker for perfume…incredible how scents can bring you back to places, memories, people…

    Love this post…just like every one you do – you are such a sweet soul, Taylor!


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    1. Aww you are truly the sweetest love!! Thank you so much Claudia ❤ You honestly always put a smile on my face with your sweet comments!! Yes, I absolutely love how a perfume can bring you back to a time as well!! Thank you so much lovely, I truly appreciate it!!<3 xxx

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