NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

The velvety smooth Soft Matte Lip Cream delivers a burst of creamy colour and sets to a stunning matte finish. Surprisingly durable, lightweight and delightfully creamy, it’s no wonder this sweetly scented formula is a NYX fan favourite.


Packaging :  The NYX soft matte lip creams comes in plastic cylindrical bottle with the black screw cap. The shades are both numbered and even have a name which is mentioned at the bottom of the tube. It has a doe foot applicator which helps in precise application. Easy to carry! 


The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are highly pigmented so you only need a small amount to get opaque coverage. They don’t turn absolutely matte but I feel it highlights any imperfections on your lips so make sure you give your lips a good exfoliation first.


Texture: The best thing about the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream is their smooth consistency. They have a light air whipped formula which applies easily and settles into a soft matte finish. It does not dry out my chapped lips and the formula is just amazing. I do need to exfoliate a bit if I have extremely dry and chapped lips in winters but thats very rare. They sort of remind me of the L’Oreal Moist Matte Lipsticks however these feel much more lighter on the lips. The NYX lip creams have the most comfortable mattel formula I’ve ever tried.

Coming over to the staying power : These lip Creams are perfect till you eat something! Because after that it starts wearing off easily. And touch ups are required. So if are wearing this for some party or if you know you are going to binge on something then please make sure to carry these in your purses coz you will definitely require touch ups. And without touchups it looks horrible after it has faded. 

Let me know if you lovelies have tried these NYX Creme Mattes and what you think?!



31 thoughts on “NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

    1. They are amazing but I have to say I’m still obsessed with the liquid suedes as well! I just wish they would come out with more shades!! Thank you lovely!! ❤ xx

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    1. haha thats so funny!! Well when you do go shopping be sure to let me know what you get!! 😉 I’m so glad you are enjoying my blog lovely!! It truly means so much to me!! Hope you’re having a lovely day!! ❤ xx

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    1. They definitely are amazing!! But I’m still loving the liquid suedes as well!! I need to get more shades though!! Thank you lovely!! 💗xx


  1. They look interesting. I tend to stay away from matte’s because they can be so drying, and dry lips are NOT a good look! I might have to give these ones a try 🙂

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    1. Yes these ones aren’t drying as the are a soft creme!! There is definitely nothing, worst than matte lipsticks that are very drying though. Glad you enjoyed this review, thanks lovely 💗 xx

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