Avene Thermal Spring Water Review

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Lets talk about a product that I have been using for a few years! A very simple product, but essentially it is water in a can with a multitude of uses and is suitable for sensitive skin types.

IMG_8611.jpgTo start off, Avene Thermal Spring Water is essentially just water that emanates from a spring in France where it undergoes a natural filtration process that makes it the purest form of water possible. How? Because it has a balance of cations and anions (refresh your Chemistry lessons!) that make its pH level (neutral), not one bit acidic nor one bit basic. Just perfectly balanced. So what does that mean for the skin then?

First, it depends on location and quality of water. If you’re in the US or Europe where tap water is safe for drinking, then the pH level benefits I’m prattling on about may not matter to you at all. But let’s say here in the Philippines where tap water can not be safely consumed and is/may be/most probably ladened with impurities, that’s where the balanced goodness of Avene makes sense.


When spritzed after washing your face, it sort of brings back the skin into equilibrium after it has been stripped off its moisture, natural oils, etc. Hydrating, it is. But to get the best benefits out of this canned water, there’s more to it than just spraying and ditching. Here’s what I do:

After washing, spray mist evenly all over your face.
After 30 seconds, while still damp, apply serum or moisturizer on top.

That’s it.

Not earth-shattering, ground-breaking nor mystery-solving – but that simple technique makes all the difference. With my past breakouts this seemingly innocuous step was the game changer. What this does is seal in all the goodness of Avene into your skin, including the hydrating and supposedly-healing properties.

As opposed to just letting the mist evaporate, leaving your skin drier, which we don’t want at all! Dry skin = more prone to wrinkles. So those who like the clean tight feeling after washing your face,UH-UHNOMoisturize while still damp, ladies. Or if you’re spraying it on midday to freshen up, don’t forget to pat off the excess water after a minute or two. Its also an amazing makeup setting spray, but I would do this in the cold winter months, as in the warmer months I don’t want the spray to effect how my makeup lasts, especially when your face will get oily in the humid days.



Great thing about the Thermal Spring Water is that it can comfort skin irritations (such as sunburn, eczema, itching, facial redness, razor burn or even after surgeries- which I assume mean facial cosmetic surgeries) as well as toning, and generally refreshing the face especially during hot days and while travelling. Having dry and irritated skin at times, I find that this spring water spray works a charm. The mist is beautiful, probably the best mist I’ve tried- don’t you just hate ones that squirt at your face? It was extremely refreshing and a joy to use, and I found it perfect for hot days!

Despite it being quite a fun product to use and giving me a fresh pick-up when I need to, I do find the price of Avene Thermal Spring Water a little on the expensive side, especially for something that is “just” water.

Have you tried the Thermal Spring Water? If so, what are your thoughts?! Its been a product I have been using for a few years now! When I first used it, I did not like the feel of it, but its now a everlasting product I use!



19 thoughts on “Avene Thermal Spring Water Review

    1. Aww thank you so much lovely!! You are far too sweet hehe 😉 Yes this thermal spring water is truly amazing, especially on hot days and on sun burns!! Hope you have a lovely day!! ❤ xx

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  1. Honestly, I always thought that buying water for my face was really, really stupid and if I bought it my wallet would slap me in the face for spending my money on stupid shit. I’m legitimately convinced I want to try this now because everyone’s been raving about it. Lovely post!

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    1. I thought the same way until I tried it!! Its honestly like miracle water! Plus its amazing for sun burns and dry skin! Well also being a refreshing spray on hot days! I definitely recommend even getting the small travel size, to try it out!! Thanks lovely glad you enjoyed!! ❤ xx I just started a YouTube channel and would love if you wanted to check it out!! xx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wI1XWv0_YB4 Have a lovely day!!

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    1. Thank you very much!! No I haven’t tried the Evian one yet! However, I have read posts on it, saying its very comparable to the Avene one!!! ❤ xx

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