400 Followers!!! <3

I can’t believe I am writing the post! When I started my blog, I always had hopes that others would enjoy and hopefully take something away from reading my beauty related posts. However, I never imagined to build up a following like this!! All this support has showed me to truly go after my passions, which I am starting to do!

Its not only having the incredible support on here, but to have 11k followers on Instagram and Twitter plus now YouTube!! I have always wanted to start a blog and a YouTube channel for years now… I’m definitely glad I finally have! As the support I have gotten, on all my platforms is truly overwhelming and I simply can’t say thank you enough! ❤

400 followers (1)

I will admit, the last year / few years has definitely, been some of the worst times in my life and in certain ways. From dealing with so many health problems and many other things… maybe one day I will wright a post about it! However I can say, all the obstacles that have been thrown my way, within the last few years, but especially this last year has taught me so many things!

I just want to say, thank you, so very much for all the support! When I do say; “thank you and thank you for the support”, I truly mean it! Having a outlet to turn too, when life feels like its the end, has honestly helped me! I truly feel blessed to have you lovelies in my life and I hope you are enjoying what I love to create! I also think starting my YouTube channel will also help me in many ways as well!

My life is far from perfect, but I am starting to find a creative outlet that holds my true passion! Thanks to everyone who is supporting my passions and my YouTube channel!! Definitely go check it out and subscribe so you don’t miss out on up coming videos!! ❤ xx

My channel is TaylorTalksxo !! ❤ My goal is to hit 100 SUBSCRIBERS, so I would truly love if you went and checked out my channel or shared it with someone who likes beauty and fashion related YouTube Videos!! Thanks for the help and support!! ❤

I will end this short little post, with a huge thank you for all the support! I cant believe we have 400 lovelies on here!! ❤ xxx


52 thoughts on “400 Followers!!! <3

    1. Aww thank you so much lovely!! You are too sweet! I still can’t believe my little blog has grown this big so far!! Thanks for the support!! ❤ xx

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    1. Aww thank you so much lovely!! You are truly the sweetest 💗💕 Have a fabulous weekend lovely ☀️xx


  1. congratulations! ive been checking out your blog recently and i can see why youve reached such a high number. i love it. 🙂 im definitely clicking follow 😙

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