Lets Talk Perfume!!

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Anyways onto the blog post…

Escada has launched Turquoise Summer, the brand’s limited edition summer fragrance for 2015. The last entries in the series were Cherry In The Air and Born in Paradise.



Escada Turquoise Summer is an invitation to break free, like a butterfly, into a luscious and colourful garden of wild berries and flowers. Escape to your summer oasis and enjoy the freedom of summer.The notes are: raspberries, blackcurrant and  violet. As you can imagine its a fruity floral scent and it smells sweet and fresh at the same time.

Turquoise Summer is Escada’s annual limited edition summer fragrance for 2015 and is said to be inspired by the serene atmosphere of summer, vivid orchards and butterflies. The perfume itself is a perfect everyday fragrance for the Summer months, it’s literally bursting with fruit notes, and is complimented with uplifting floral notes, so if your a lover of the fruity scents girls you’ll love Turquoise Summer. The scent opens up with top notes of juicy pineapple, strawberry and tutti fruity which give it a very tropical feel, before a vibrant floral bouquet blossoms in the heart of the fragrance. As Turquoise Summer drys down the base notes of creamy vanilla and blackcurrant really do come through and adds a subtle sweet element which helps balance things out which I really like. As for lasting power… Turquoise Summer lasts on me most of the day with just two spritz’, I’m always getting whiffs of it during the day and it’s sometimes noticeable where people will ask me what perfume I have on which is always nice.
As usual for Escada scents the packaging is stunning. Top part of the bottle is blue and its clear in the bottom. It also comes with a little butterfly ring (its bright pink)!
I don’t know what it is about their scents, but every time they come out with something new, I love it. Their scents make me happy and I can close my eyes and imagine I’m on vacation, even though I’m not!
If you are some one who likes sweet scent and is looking for something new this summer. I highly recommend to take a sniff of it in the store. Its a brilliant summer fragrance ;

Overall I absolutely love Escada’s Turquoise Summer, it’s so fresh yet so fruity and isn’t heavy in the slightest which is a major plus and makes it such an easy scent to wear, it’s most definitely the perfect scent for the Summer and I’ve been obsessed with it since I got it, so a big thumbs up to my Mom for picking out a good one!!

Whats your favourite scent for the Summer months lovelies?



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    1. I think I paid $80 CND something, however its the 3 oz bottle. They do have a few different sizes for of course different prices. The price will of course be different with currencies and where you purchase it from! I hope that helps lovely and thank you for the support!! ❤ xx

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