Physican’s Formula Bronze Booster

Physician’s Formula is a brand that’s widely available to me, I have never actually tried one of the bronzers..I know, crazy! Through the years I’ve known that Physician’s Formula specializes in bronzers, but never tried out the holy grail bronzer that I’ve seen many beauty bloggers talk about!
First off is the packaging…It comes metallic bronze/copper thick plastic compact. There is a mirror, and you can lift up the bronzer pan to reveal a small compartment with a small, flat brush. The bottom of the compact has little holes, which is great for ventilation. Think about the compact for MAC Studio Fix Powder. It’s essentially the same thing, but slightly bulkier. The actual design of the compact is really nice and reminds me a little bit of the packaging for Guerlain. Now, the brush is garbage. It’s very scratchy and I can imagine it applying the bronzer patchy. I won’t be tossing it though, just in case of emergency.
The color in the pan seemed a little bit light to me at first, but it definitely warms up to my skin. It’s a light bronze-caramel with very slight shimmer and has a slight red undertone. The shimmer doesn’t show much on the cheeks, but you may notice a little in the sunlight or bright lighting. It is subtle though, so this bronzer can still be used as a contour. Because it has a little bit of a blushed undertone, I don’t find it hugely necessary to wear a blush when I’m wearing this bronzer. If you’re more of a matte brown type bronzer gal, you may want to skip this.
The texture is really soft and smooth and it’s almost goof-proof because of it’s light coverage. Even when I load up the brush, the bronzer blends out really nicely and doesn’t look overdone or muddy. I prefer applying it in sheer layers with my kabuki brush until I’ve reached my desired intensity. It’s a great bronzer to use all over with a fluffy brush for a little extra added warmth.
The lasting power seems very good as well. I don’t really notice any fading by the end of the night. I love how it looks to just melt on the skin giving a beautiful, natural looking, lit-from-within glow! Its definitely a favourite of mine now!!

24 thoughts on “Physican’s Formula Bronze Booster

    1. Hahah so true!! I wish one day makeup brands will step up their brush game, cause it would be nice to have a compacted brush, especially during travel!! Thanks lovely 💗 Xxx

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      1. They really do need better quality brushes. I did get one brush in a compact that was actually decent but I don’t remember which compact I received it in, I think it was drug store. I was actually surprised by the quality. More companies need to do that. 💜💜💜

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    1. This is definitely an amazing bronzer, I always heard so many great things about it! I will say I like it better for an all over bronzer!! Thanks lovely!! ❤ xx

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    1. Thanks lovely and of course I will! ❤ I actually just started a YouTube channel and would love if you wanted to help support me there! I just posted my new video!! ❤ xx

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    1. Yes it definitely is!! I love it for just everyday wear as well as for any makeup beginners!! Thanks lovelies!! Hope all is well and have a fabulous day!! ❤ xx


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