L’oreal Perfect Hydra-Nutrition- Review

L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition is designed to intensely moisturize and nourish mature skin. Enriched with five essential oils, the formula is said to, penetrate effectively into skin’s surface layer for long lasting hydration and comfort. Skin will feel firmer and more toned with a healthy glow!


The Packaging 

Is very simple and clean! I like that the drugstore brands are stepping up their packaging game! As this serum is in a dark glass like bottle with a serum dropper, to make it easier to get the right amount out of the bottle without wasting some of the serum!

First off, I want to note that this product is strongly fragranced with a clean flowery scent. I’ve read many reviews where this was the chief complaint, that the serum is overly perfumy. That said, somehow the scent doesn’t bother me too much, probably because I don’t use a lot of it to begin with. It only takes a tiny dab on my forehead, each cheek, and chin to feel adequate, and so the smell doesn’t stay on my skin for long.


Another big complaint I read is that it’s not moisturizing enough. However, it is a serum is not a moisturizer. This is probably not the greatest analogy, but I think of serums, essences, treatments and “vitamin supplements” for the skin. They are not meant to be used alone and should be layered underneath a moisturizer, which acts as a sealant, so to speak, keeping in all the good stuff.

It also makes my skin so nice and soft, I was really surprised by all the bad reviews I read online! That said, I did notice that it felt cold upon application, an indication of high alcohol content. And looking for a list of ingredients, sure enough alcohol is third on the list! So I definitely wouldn’t recommend this if you have very sensitive skin or  if you’re sensitive to alcohol, because this serum is packed with it. 


When to Use

Every night before bedtime or morning, you should apply on freshly cleansed skin by placing 2-3 droplets into your hand and gently smooth over your entire face and neck.

With that all being said, I’ve found it to be very  hydrating more than some other facial serums I’ve tried before. They suggest 3 to 4  drops but 2 to 3 is plenty for your entire face. I actually apply a drop under my eyes too! It absorbs very quickly and leaves behind a slightly dewy to the touch finish. My skin feels instantly softer and more supple. Flakier areas are eased and my skin takes on a more even appearance. Overnight it does indeed restore some of my glow and eases dullness and that would be due to the amount of moisture it provides as my dullness is definitely from dryness.

Hope you lovelies enjoyed and let me know if you have tried this serum out?! ❤



14 thoughts on “L’oreal Perfect Hydra-Nutrition- Review

    1. I’m obsessed with face serums just like hair serums hehe!! It’s amazing and has definitely helped my dry patches, as my skin has not been on my side, with the crazy humid weather!! Thanks as always love 💗Xx

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      1. Hehe always so many amazing products 😁 Thanks again lovely!! Just have some internet service now! So once, I get home from the road trip I will catch up on your blog!! 💗Xxx


    1. Aww thanks lovely! Yes this serum drys very quickly into you skin and truly makes your skin look and feel hydrated!


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