Road Trip Adventure!! Going ZIPLINING!!


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Zip Lining.jpg

I’m sure some of you probably knew I was going Zip lining, as I was posting about it all over my social platforms!! Well this past weekend I did just that! It was honestly so much fun! The feeling you get is indescribable and yes sure the heights may be intimidating, however, once you are actually going down the zip line, you totally forget about the whole heights fear and you just take in the beauty that’s around you!

Niagara Falls, has always been one of my favourite places in Canada to go too. It use to be a place I went many times growing up! So when they finally announced that the Zip Line was opening, I had to go and try it out!


This little adventure has definitely opened up my eyes on how beautiful nature truly is! As soon as I finished the zip line all I could say, was that it was truly amazing, and that I needed to go again! Its such a short time frame, where you get to see all the beauty of nature and literally feel the wind in your hair! I loved the feeling of just honestly feeling free!




I wish I had taken some more pictures however, my phone was almost dead and I only brought my GoPro, as after this little zip line adventure, we had some shopping to do and getting started with the little road trip! I just might have a fashion haul in the near future on my YouTube channel hehe!!

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8 thoughts on “Road Trip Adventure!! Going ZIPLINING!!

    1. This is so true!! I’m also trying to appreciate the beauty of nature as well!! Oh my yes, it was absolutely amazing! My video on the zip lining will be up on Sunday!!🙌🏻💗 Thanks again love 💗xx


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