Easy Back To School Makeup Look

First off, it’s been a while since I sat down and typed out a new post so here it is! Hope all you lovelies are well! With that being said, it’s officially, that time of year that many dread.. Its back to school time and it has officially happened. ‘Like where did Summer go’! I know its always the same length each year but, this summer just went by way too fast! Summer needs a restart button!! Who’s in?!


Even though, its back to school time and getting back into routines, I must say I am a little bit excited for fall time! As Fall is my favourite season for both fashion and beauty trends, but we all know especially in Canada, as soon as Fall hits, winter is next. Which, is definitely the season I do NOT like! So I always ask myself why I still live in Canada ?! Where its winter for almost half the year…

Anyways, lets talk some easy makeup looks that many can rock! I also uploaded my

Back to School Makeup Look|| Using Drug Store Products on my Channel- TaylorTalksxo! It would mean the world to be if you checked out my channel and gave some support over there as well!! ❤ xx

Back to school Makeup look

I hope you lovelies have a great school year and make the best of it! As it does go by fast, even though in the moment it feels like forever!


Well first things first is to prime the skin! I love the results that you get when priming your skin, as it gives the foundation a base to hold onto, well evening out your skin tone and filling in any pores. This way priming gives your foundation an even base. The primer I’m using is by NIP+Fab and it helps to correct any discolouring , this primer blurs and cancels out redness. I of course used my holy grail foundation, which is the one and only CoverGirl 3in1. This foundations is simply my go to as it is medium to full coverage, and not Ivory shade is neutral. I sometimes have a hard time finding a foundation that is not too yellow or pink for my pale skin tone. Again there’s no change here with the concealer, this is my favourite and go to holy grail concealer, its the one and only Hard Candy ‘GlamofLauge’. I than used a little bit of Maybelline ‘Dream Matte Powder’, to gently set the foundation and concealer in place. To get that healthy dewy finish to the skin, I used NYX Dewy Finish setting spray.


Next is all about the contoured skin! To achieve the perfect contoured look, are used to NYX ‘Highlight and Countour Pro Palette’. This palette is great, as it has various different shades, for multiple different skin tones. Are used the ‘Banana’ shade to set the concealer under my eyes, as well as to brighten up the under eyes! I than used the first bronzing shade, to bronze of my face. This shade is perfect, as its not to warm for all my fair skin toned lovelies, as it doesn’t look muddy. I went in with the third shade which is more of a taupe shade, and focused it on contouring, as it is a perfect shade to create shadows. As for blush, its all about have a nude bronzed look so I went with a mauve blush by Maybelline Fit Me in ‘Deep Mauve’, which is exactly what its called! As for highlighter I used the first highlight shade in the NYX Palette, and focused that on my cheek bones, tip of the nose and centre of the lip! Making that highlight be on fleck!


Now onto the eyes! Keeping it simple as the lips and highlighter as the stars of the show in this look! I first went in with Urban Decay ‘Eyeshadow Primer Potion’, to insure that the eyeshadow will last and not crease throughout the day.

As for eye shadows I first used the L’OREAL ‘LA PALETTE NUDE 2’, using the first shade which is a sateen creme nude shade, all over the lid as a base. Than using the third shade that is a taupe shade, to add depth into the crease, this also works well for a transitional shade, to help blend out the other colours!  I than took some to the light purple and also focused that in the crease. To than deepen up the purple shade, I took some of the deepest purple, this shadow I focused more on the outer corners and blended it into the crease, to add some depth to the eye. I than mixed these two brown shades and smudged in on the lower lash line, this way it will help balance out the eye.

Than to highlight the brow bone and inner corner I used the first highlight shade. To make this eye look stand out a bit more, since its very settle, I used the GOSH Eye Liner in black and smoked out the top lash line slightly. As for the lashes I used one of my very old favourite mascaras that I had back ups for. Which is the Maybelline ‘Water Proof Rocket Mascara’, this mascara gives you long voluminous lashes that will stay put!


As for brows I used two of my favourite brow products which are the NYX ‘Micro Brow Pencil in Chocolate’, this brow pencil will give you defined brows that will be one point. To set them in place I used my one and only Maybelline ‘Brow Drama’! This product is also one of my holy grails!

Onto the lips that steal this look! I absolutely love this lip colour! Which is another NYX Product its the ‘Liquid Suede Lipstick in Tea and Cookies’, which is the perfect everyday pinky nude shade!


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