My thoughts on CC Eye Cream

Aveeno is a brand known for their ‘Active Naturals’ ingredients included in their skin and haircare products to provide natural benefits. Positively Radiant is probably their most well known facial skincare collection, with the products consisting of tone-evening Total Soy Complex.  I actually used to use a few products in this collection, as they were the only drugstore products I could find that worked well with my skin.I’ve been familiar with Aveeno as a brand for a very long time. A few years ago, when I started to research and invest more into my skincare regime, I swore by Aveeno’s foaming facial cleansers.


The packaging is what always draws me to Aveeno products. It’s made of this matte cardboard, which really goes along with their whole ‘natural’ theme!

Aveeno Positively Radiant Cc Eye Cream – $19.97 to $24.99 CAD for 15ml

• Contains SPF 25

• Instantly conceal signs of fatigue including dark circles, dullness, puffiness

• Improve skin tone and appearance throughout the day

• Gentle and lightweight formula, oil-free, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic”

Aveeno doesn’t put much focus into their makeup items, so I would have thought twice seeing this on the shelf. It is marketed as a Cc Eye Cream, but it is actually a medium coverage concealer! The coverage is something I would not expect from Aveeno.


The applicator kind of reminds me of a lipgloss tube applicator! The shape allows for it to be applied directly to the under eyes, however I’d recommend applying it with your fingertips as sometimes too much products squeezes out.

The texture is a bit thick and can look a bit drying under the eyes so moisturize first! It contains SPF 25. Coverage is definitely more than enough for every day wear, I even wore this out at night once. But due to the SPF factor, I would stick to daytime use with this one.

 I was impressed at how well this camouflaged my dark spots!I have quite light skin with peach undertones, and the fair-light shade matches my skin tone perfectly. Medium is a slightly darker shade that will suit tanned – medium skin tones! Overall I liked the formula of the CC eye creams – it felt super moisturizing and has good coverage.

To apply, I tend to dab it on with a finger first and then quickly blend it out with a Beauty Blender sponge. A wet sponge would be best as this can dry quickly but either will do. 



It is definitely more lightweight than using a cream concealer or regular foundation, but it is still more like makeup VS an eye cream. So you do have make sure you cleanse the area quite well at the end of the day with makeup remover. Also, if you have really dry skin or you don’t exfoliate regularly, I find this might cling onto the dry flakes of skin and won’t look as smooth.

You could probably use this all over your face like a foundation or tinted moisturizer if you wanted to. It will help to even out skin tone and decrease some of the redness.

I like that this has an SPF of 25, but I feel they should’ve created a minimum of 3 shades to accommodate more skin tones : light, medium and dark VS just the two shades.

The CC Eye Cream does brighten up the under eye area on days when you are really tired and lacking sleep!


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