New Makeup Goodies from Dave Lackie!

A few days ago, I was contacted by the one and only Dave Lackie from CityLineTv!! He is honestly one of the kindest humans EVER!! I am still shocked, that I won these beautiful makeup goodies and can’t say thank you enough! Not only, did I receive these fabulous products, but they are just NEW to Canada!! I’m beyond excited; to be able to test these gorgeous products out, and let me tell you…I will be writing more in-depth reviews on these products in the next bit! After I have some time to give them a test and to create some gorgeous looks! Once again, thanks to the fabulous Dave Lackie for these Teeez Cosmetics! So excited to have Teeez available in Canada now!!


So onto the products I received…

Teeez Cosmetics is an European beauty brand that recently launched in Canada exclusively at Hudson’s Bay. Ever since, I saw the new releases, I wanted to get my hand on these amazing products! 

When I was doing some research on the fabulous brand, Teeez states that they are, “obsess with and has the fascination for the fashion“. The brand is focused on fashion and innovation, which you can definitely see with the creative and unique packaging. Not only is the packaging unique, Teeez always keeps up with the trends and of course, start trends of their own! This edgy, colourful and trendy brand has just stepped into the Canadian market.


TO DIE FOR EyeShadow Quad is a tiny little part from their newest collection FASHION VENDETTA that has a lot of new and exciting products to show and offer to us.


The eye shadows not only look amazing, they also feel great! Silky to a touch and smooth to apply. I love the pigment and if you feel the need for a little more intense look, you can do the wet application, which will definitely bring the colours to life.

Beside intense pigmentation, Teeez also promises a water resistance and a long wear of a product. It is definitely more water resistant than the other eye shadows I have used and did last me the whole day. 

I of course, will be doing a more in-depth review and using this beautiful Eyeshadow quad for a makeup look!


I am honestly in AWH with how beautiful and pigmented this creme highlighter is! You can never go wrong with a copper shade and let me just say, I can’t wait to wear this on the eyes as well as a creme shadow. The options are endless with this beautiful shade! I can’t want to create some looks with this amazing product; you should know I will most definitely be making another post more in-depth on this fabulous highlighter!!

Now lets talks lippies!!

Again, lets just take a minute and appreciate the packaging! I can honestly say Teeez is the most creative makeup brand, I have came across! I absolutely love how creative and trendy the packaging is never mind the amazing products that are so vibrant and pigmented! Honestly they deserve a A++ for creativity!

I received 3 different types of lip products and am totally obsessed with the shades! I am someone who loves to rock a purple lip! The two Purple shades are honestly perfect!

The first one is in a Matte Lip Stain, ‘Teeez Serial Lip Stain‘ in the colour ‘Delirious‘. This purple is a truly vibrant, however when its on the lips it doesn’t make your teeth look grey, which I have had that happen in the past with a few purple shades. I must add this liquid lip stain is extremely long lasting, as soon as it sets there is not transferring at all! Even when I swatched it on my hand, I had to scrub it off and it was not a easy task, thats for-sure.


I will definitely be doing a more in-depth post on this amazing liquid lipstick soon!

Next is the two LipSticks…

Can we just look at this packaging?! There’s just so much detail and gorgeousness I can’t even begin! This lipstick gives off a rich velvety colour while still promising to be hydrating.With one swipe, you get full colour impact! The formula is definitely creamy and it gives off a bit of a sheen on the lips.

My first impression upon application of this lipstick was that it was smooth, creamy and moisturizing. This is a bit surprising to me since it’s a satin matte… and most matte lipsticks I have tried in the past have been drying.

This Taupe shade by ‘Teeez Material Girl Lipstick‘ is in the colour ‘Hyped Taupe‘! I am totally obsessed with for this Fall as its right up my ally! So you better be sure I will be rocking this shade a lot!


Who can say no to a bright pink! This pink is called ‘Pink Thrill‘ what a perfect name for this bring pink shade! This pink is perfect and vibrant, I already see myself creating some fun bright looks with this gorgeous look for the Spring, is that bad to already be wanting Spring right after Fall! I am not a fan of Winter, to say the least and sadly our Winters in Canada are brutal for the most part if you can’t stand to cold and snow 😉


The final LipStick I received is the ‘Read My Lips‘ Lipstick, which first off I have seen so many amazing reviews of this product so I was so excited to have finally have one to test out! Teeez claims these lipsticks to be  long-lasting lipstick combines the power of highly-pigmented coverage and a unique satin, matte finish. The lipstick’s smooth, ultra creamy texture and added coconut oil extract nourishes and hydrates the lips, with color that lasts for up to 8 hours.”


The shade I have is in ‘Cool Cerise‘, which I absolutely love. This muted purple shade is truly gorgeous and its definitely a shade I gravitate towards!

I still can’t believe I received these beyond gorgeous makeup goodies and I’m so grateful! I of course will be creating many looks with these products and have more in depth posts as I try them out! So if you’re interested in reading my posts, on them than be sure to follow my blog 😉

Thanks again to the amazing Dave Lackie! Hope you lovelies enjoyed and let me know if you have tried out any of Teeez products and whats your favourite?!


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    1. Aww thanks so much lovely!! I’m so excited to start creating some looks with these fabulous products 😍❤️💄Xx


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