Ruth Crilly Dry Shampoo

I remember a few years back, when it was announced that Youtuber and model, Ruth Crilly, was releasing a range of fragranced dry shampoos. However, being in Canada it was hard to get ahold of, and as time went on, I honestly forgot about trying to test them out! It was just a few days ago, when my mom picked up some new dry shampoo, as she knows my obsession! I didn’t know it was being sold now in some Shopper Drug Marts, so I was eager to try it out to say the least!


My hair gets lank and a bit greasy on the second day after washing because my hair is quite thin and very fine, so dry shampoo is a must for me. Despite using in frequently, I don’t really like dry shampoos! The feel in the hair is not very pleasant to me and many affordable brands can feel really drying and overload my roots with product. The Colab dry shampoos are clear- so no annoying white powder will have to be rubbed frantically into the hair.The fragrances are named after capital cities- a fun idea, but not a novel one. The one I picked up is the original ‘London’ scent as it is quite fresh and not too overpowering with cologne scent, like some dry shampoos tend to favour.

  Let me know if you have tried out Ruth Crilly Dry Shampoos and what you think about them! I hope you lovelies enjoyed and thanks for all the support, as always!! ❤

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