Let’s Talk 2017 Fashion Trends…

First off, many of you might know, my true passion is Fashion and that’s what I will be studying, as soon as I’m healthy enough to attend University! I am beyond excited as its my thing even though Makeup and Beauty is a very close second. Fashion is just up there a tad more. I can’t wait to start studying all about the Fashion Industry especially, Fashion Buying and Styling! I can’t wait to actually be working in the Fashion Industry, so when doing some research to see the trends for 2017, I was beyond excited as I know I will be doing research and projects like this in the near future. Anyways, beside my love for writing this post; which let me tell you, has been one of my favourite posts I’ve written in a long time hehe!! Besides, that I want to say thank you! Thank you for the support on my BLOG and YOUTUBE Channel!! I plan on doing more Fashion posts and videos so stay tuned! Definitely go check out and SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you haven’t yet, cause I’ll be honest, I’m so happy with how well my channel is doing so far, its still only the beginning to a crazy fun journey!! Check out my channel now TaylorTalksxo


2016 was quite the year, to say the least. For some fashion trends we have all fallen in love with, to horrible events and many icon culture influences, passing away. 2016 has definitely been a year, we all want to put in the past. However, looking on the positive side, it gave us many things, both good and bad, that will go down in the books! Something that 2016 did give us were many trends, that made their statements in the fashion world!  There are several fashion trends that are predicted to make their debut or comeback in 2017.  Here are a few  with some photos I found while, looking at upcoming trends for 2017!

2017 Fashion trends.jpg

Romantic feminine style will be seen much more in the fashion world!  This trend includes a lot of velvet, silk, pinks, and reds!  An outfit like the one on the right represents this feminine style perfectly.  Silk slip dresses will be in almost every store next year! This trend is very feminine but, I like to style it with a twist and add some edgy accessories to give it a unique style, while adding other textures!

This trend also plays perfectly with the romantic style, sheer tops and dresses have been a hit for a while but it will now be a trend that many will have in their wardrobe.  Sheer is a material that’s always been around but has never gotten a lot of attention.  But in 2017, it’s supposed to be one of the hottest trends! I absolutely love this trend and I can’t wait to see more of it this coming year! I love to style with different textures and fabrics and I like sheer tops will definitely be a hit especially for the warmer summer months! I actually was rocking sheer tops back in 2015, so I can’t wait for this trend!


Flare! Flare jeans have started to make a comeback toward the end of 2016, but in 2017, they’re expected to really take off! I can honestly say I’m not a true fan of the over sized flare pants however, I love how the flared look adds a Boho, feel to an outfit! To be honest, I definitely think this is a trend I might now adapt at least right away as, its too 70’s for myself, however, as I say that in a few months, that might be the only style of pants I wear hehe! That’s how I am with many trends, that I’m not to fond of.

flare pants.jpg

Sneakers are still in! 2016 was the year the most talked about, retro Adidas sneakers made a massive comeback. It still looks like sneakers will be totally acceptable to throw on with almost any look!  This is a great trend, for anyone who just finds shoes are much more comfortable, than some fashion booties and to be honest I’m not a fan on how sneakers look on myself, it may be because I would rather wear ankle booties. So I’ll see if I will finally adapt this trend or not. Talking about sneakers, it’s a huge trend in street style. Street Style has definitely changed a bit throughout the years however, 2016 was the year it was really growing and wasn’t just a fad,  now in 2017 its expected to get even bigger!  Brands such as Adidas, Nike, and many others will be coming out with some stylish pieces to add to your street style collection. Now that’s something, I’m excited about and will be probably getting for a pair of workout shoes, but can also wear them if I want to rock the sporty style!

shoes 1.jpg

I hope you lovelies enjoyed seeing what some trends will be this 2017! Also I hope 2017, is a great year for all you lovelies!! ❤

Which trend can you see yourself rocking in 2017?


8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk 2017 Fashion Trends…

  1. Definitely going to be rocking the sheer tops! (With something underneath of course ha ha.) Especially in the fall months when I can throw a leather jacket on with it! Soft & feminine mixed with some edge. That’s my kind of style! 😊

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    1. I totally agree lovely!! So excited to wear sheer tops and of course with something underneath hehe😂 Yes adding a edgy touch to an outfit is definitely my go to as well!! Thanks for your support lovely💕💕xx

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  2. I got a pair of sneakers as a gift/encouragement to finally get my workout on. I’ve still never hit the gym, so the sneaker trend is definitely a gift to me, since those shoes would never see the outside world without it!

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    1. I know I have a few workout sneakers but don’t think I will be rocking them out. As I’m truly someone who doesn’t like what sneakers look like on my self. I know weird hehe… Thanks for your support lovely 💕xx

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