Valentines Makeup Look

Valentine’s Day is literally right around the corner. I must say I don’t like this “love day”, simply as I believe there shouldn’t be just one designated day to show someone you love them. If you love someone you should show them as often as possible. It’s doesn’t have to be materialist items or flowers, it could be simple as a note, or going out of your way to do something nice for that person. So to say the least in not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, however who doesn’t like to take this day and get dressed up, even if you’re just going to hang out with friends, it’s sometimes fun to get glam and just have some fun!


So with that being said, I created this simple yet glam makeup look that you can rock whether that be for date night or just a fun night hanging out with friends!!

Watch my Makeup Tutorial here Valentines Makeup|| Smokey Eye and Red Lip|| TaylorTalksxo and don’t forget to Subscribe!! We have hit over 1000 SUBSCRIBERS, which is literally insane to me! So next week, I will have a Giveaway, so be sure to have a look out!!


I hope you lovelies enjoyed and let me know if you’re someone who likes to rock a red lip on Valentines Day?!


4 thoughts on “Valentines Makeup Look

  1. Darling you’re beautiful! The shades on you are so suttle. Oh by the way I nominated you for best lifestyle blog on the blogger awards. You deserve it! 🙂 xoxox

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