2017 Beauty Trends

Well if you know me, you know I am a sucker for trends! I love doing research to see what upcoming trends will be and so on! Fashion trends are definitely one of my favourite, so if you haven’t seen my check it out after you find out about some of these makeup trends!!

We all know 2016 was a crazy year not only in EVERY aspect of life but also in the beauty world, from big lips to mircoblading brows and the huge craze on highlight!!


Glitter and glam was a huge thing in the fashion industry and it transferred into the beauty world as well. Everything was glitter. Glitter roots to glitter highlight and eyeshadow to even glitter-dusted lips. This trend shows no sign of slowing down at all in 2017! It already looks like glitter lips are the star to many makeup brands right now! Its, also easy to achieve, if you don’t want to buy a glitter liquid lip. All you need to do is swipe on gloss over your lip colour and pat on glitter with your ring finger.


Underliner is equal parts wearable and subversive AKA just the kind of beauty risk you want to aim for in the new year. Try slashes of bright liner under the lower lash line or an upside down cat eye painted on with glitter liner.


Its so weird to say and see, as perfect over sized lips might be a thing in the past.Picture-perfect liquid matte lips had their moment, but now it’s time to give your hand-eye coordination a break. Enter: The blurred lip. You can embrace imperfection by diffusing edges and adding more colour to the centre of the lips with your fingertips. So all that time spent trying to achieve the perfect lip, might give you some extra time in the mornings!!


Do you remember when you first seen makeup artist rock a glossy lid, to be honest when i first seen this months back, I first thought they just had really greasy eyelids and was rocking it. Glossy lids look to be going strong, but the eyes aren’t the only part of your face that could benefit from a boost in shine. From lip gloss’ much-needed comeback to Face Gloss, a clear, non-sticky formula that will give your cheekbones or collarbones some youthful sheen, it’s time to get glossy with it all over.


One of my favourite beauty trends of 2016 was the perfect brows! The best thing to happen to brows since Cara Delevingne, has been microblading technique uses a small hand tool with micro-needles to deposit pigment underneath the first layer of skin so your brows are filled in 24/7. Costing anywhere between $700 and $1,200 for a treatment, it’s not cheap, but lasts up to two years. This is something i would love to get done one day!! If any of you lovelies have got it done, please let me know how you liked it! Bold brows are definitely a must have for my self and I love that its showing no sign of slowing down!

Of course the highlight game is ever so strong!! There is absolutely no sign that this will be slowing down for a few years at least!! Which excited me as I love a good glow!!

I hope you lovelies enjoyed seeing some of these trends that aren’t showing any sign of slowing down!! Be sure to let me know what trend you are excited about!! Thanks for the support as always lovelies!! ❤


11 thoughts on “2017 Beauty Trends

    1. Same lovely!! I think is so glam and can complete any eye look especially!! Thanks for your sweet comment and support lovely 💞💫xx


    1. Aww thanks so much lovely!! I truly appreciate it 💕 I’m dying to try the gloss lids, I wasn’t a fan of it when it first came back in trend, but now I’m obsessed hehe😂

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    1. I totally agree!! The first time I seen the glossy lid I literally thought it was a extremely oily/sweaty look. I never thought someone put gloss over their eyeshadow😱 It’s a makeup trend I definitely don’t see myself taking part in either 😂xx


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