GIVEAWAY!! Unboxing Babe Box! My Thoughts…

Have you heard of the newest beauty subscription box? Babe Box is a Canadian company that I discovered on Instagram a few months ago. They are a new brand that offers a beauty subscription box that arrives at your door each month with some fun goodies.

The neat thing about Babe Box is that it doesn’t only have one type of product. There are beauty, nail, hair and other items included which give it a nice variety.

Honestly most of these items I would not purchase for myself on a regular shopping trip, but some of them I will enjoy trying out over the next few weeks.

Babe Box is a Canadian subscription service that delivers the latest in beauty, fashion, entertainment and food. They are different from other sub boxes in that they want you to communicate with them – share what you did or did not like in your box on social media, blog or through e-mail. It is a seasonal quarterly box (spring, summer, fall, winter), and you have to order it each season.

The cost: 10 CAD + tax + 10-12 CAD shipping (shipping costs depends on the province)

Ships to: Canada only

Here are the things I got in the Babe Box…


A few month’s ago I saw this advert on TV for the product ‘Goody Spin Pins’ and I was instantly intrigued. So I was so excited to see it in the box. I love the Goody Simple Styles Gibson Roll Kit because the headband adds a little pizzazz to your whole look. It’s also really easy to do!

With the Spin Pin, it’s a cinch to get that perfect undone bun. Just two pins do the work of 20 bobby pins! Simply gather your hair at the nape of your neck, twist into a tight bun, and spin the pins into place to get this sleek, chic style. Well than the Goody Pin Spins are the answers to your prayers!! It’s super easy to twist and style with the Simple Styles Spin Pins. They come in a pack of two (available in shades blonde and brunette).


Blissful Beauty Mineral Glow Highlighter
Sample size – 2 x 1g – 8 CAD (full size 4g/16 CAD)

Are you someone who looks for hypoallergenic, natural, with vegan options, or have the most sensitive skin, like myself. Blissful Beauty has no talc or fillers added, and it has skincare benefits so it won’t bother sensitive skin,the Brightening Highlighter is a pink-toned, sparkly powder gives dull looking skin a healthy colour. There’s also the Champagne Highlighter that has more of a pearl shimmer, as opposed to sparkly, which is great for those with warmer skin tones. Both powders can double up as loose eyeshadows as well.

These highlighters are hand-crafted in Nova Scotia. Yay for another Canadian company! From their website:  It’s a cruelty free, hypoallergenic, natural & beneficial line with vegan options & is suitable for even the most sensitive skin!  Free of Talc, Parabens, Synthetic Dyes, Animal By-Products, Gluten and Harsh Chemicals and Fillers.  

Full size comes in a regular sifter with rotating lock and a powder puff, while these samples came with a sticker covering the sifter holes.


Elixir Apothecary Essential Oil Roller in Merry + Bright
FULL SIZE – 10 ml – 14.95 USD (sale)/19.9 CAD

Essential oils have been a huge thing the past few years and I will admit I’m not very well educated about essential oils. However, after receiving this Elixir Apothecary Essential oil roller in their holiday scent Merry + Bright, I definitely am interested in learning about essential oils and all the benefits they provide. I know from just using this oil a few times it does seem to help give you a bust of energy, which I don’t know who wouldn’t want!! It is said that this Merry+Bright essential roller oil is made from an Artisan blend of essential oils that will energize your senses to give you that extra kick of energy. After using this, I got so say I did definitely awake my senses and gave me some extra energy. So this is definitely something I want to look into if essential oils are actually as beneficial as what this one seemed to be.

Elixir Apothecary is a company that started their business in 2016. They create natural products in small batches, with mostly organic ingredients. Their guarantees: no artificial colors, cruelty-free, preservative-free, fair trade, mostly vegan, made in a clean studio,  never try to hide the products’ ingredient list, all colorants are sourced from a natural powder, clay or salt.

The Merry + Bright roller contains essential oils of cinnamon, wild orange, grapefruit, coffee, eucalyptus, lemon, pine and peppermint, in a coconut oil base. All the oils, except wild orange, are certified organic. This product is vegan.


Marc Anthony Hydrating Coconut Oil and Shea Butter Hair Spray

FULL SIZE – 8.8oz/300ml – 9.99 CAD   

This hairspray smells strongly of coconut! Which I absolutely love, who doesn’t want to smell like a typical island?! It is supposed to add extra volume, fullness and shine, dry instantly and add extra hold. Ingredients list shows coconut oil, shea butter and biotin, as well as no water, to help condition hair.

The coconut scent is very strong. Since I get migraines, I was afraid of this. Once it was in my hair I could smell it, but it wasn’t overpowering.

The spray is sulfate, paraben and DEA free.

Hydrating Coconut Oil and Shea Butter Hair Spray.  This non-water based, fast drying formula creates volume and hold without stickiness or flaking and its flexible finish creates workable styles for easy re-styling without crunch or heavy build-up. It holds all day!

My thoughts on Babe Box!!

All in all, I am really happy with this box. I’ve discovered new products that I probably wouldn’t go and buy myself, and I will be using everything in the box! The info sheet lists full-size prices, so I have calculated the value of the box from the prices I could find online. This box is $55.47 CAD which is truly an absolutely amazing deal as the box is $10 CAD!!

Babe Box releases four boxes each year and they are based on season, including everything lifestyle from beauty, fashion and entertainment products! So this box truly has it all and is an amazing Opportunity for all of us Canadians!!

I would like to give a huge thank you to Babe Box for wanting to work with me! They also gave a set of all the products I reviewed! So its GIVEAWAY time lovelies!! I’m so excited to be sharing these products with you and see how you like them! So for this GIVEAWAY theres a few rules and extra entries you can do to get a better chance to win!! Best of Luck to every one of you lovelies and I want to say thank you for all the support, I truly appericate it!!

Alright, so onto the rules and how to enter the GIVEAWAY!!

  1. Be Following my Blog and if you don’t have a WordPress account to can still follow through email!
  2. Subscribe to my YOUTUBE Channel (TaylorTalksxo), where I will be holding this Giveaway from!
  3. Check out Babe Box on Instagram @babeboxofficial and Twitter @BabeBoxOfficial

Once again, a huge Thank You to Babe Box for giving me this opportunity and a huge Thank you to all you lovelies for all the support!! Much Love as always!! ❤


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    1. Aww thanks for all your support lovely and best of luck ☺️💕💫 I truly appreciate the support beyond words! So happy you’re now apart of the fam!! 💕xxx


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