My Go To Beachy Waves

Alright, I can definitely say I’ve been off my blogging game for some time now, there’s just been a lot going on and I’ve been really uninspired lately. With that being said, I will maybe start to write about everything, that has been going on. I have been putting time into created videos on my Youtube Channel, which has left me a little uninspired on here 😦 but I promise one day, I will be back at posting lots of fun posts! Thanks to all you lovelies who have been sticking around, the support truly means more than I can even explain. Also HAPPY WOMENS DAYS LOVES!! Let’s uplift and empower each other ❤ xx

Anyways lets get onto this post…

I have always been someone who never really liked my hair, however, the last few years I have actually began to love it!! I always wanted to dye it some other colour, but no hair stylist I would go to would dye it. As they always told me, so many people pay hundreds and even thousands to try and get the hair colour I have. So of course growing up hearing that, I simply never believed it.

It’s just been the last few years, that I have actually taken a liking to my natural hair colour and began to fall in love with it! I just love how unique it is and its not the typical “red head” colour. Its like a strawberry blonde, now I have gotten balayage ombre the last few years as well and I think that made a huge difference, on how I now love it! Anyways, since starting my blog and especially, Youtube channel, I’ve had so many comments and requests on doing a hair tutorial on how I pretty much style my hair. I will admit, I’m boring when it comes to changing up my hair style as, I just like medium to long hair on myself and like to have loose curls, so this hair tutorial is how I style my hair and it hasn’t really changed for some time!

Here’s my video all about how I style my hair!!

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No matter the season, no matter the destination, no matter the woman — one of my favourite hairstyles is natural, beach-y looking waves. There’s just something inherently effortless and feminine about a thick mane of twisting, curling, waving locks that I can’t help but appreciate.

Tip: As with any curly or wavy hairstyle, you’ll want to use an anti-frizz serum or shine spray to reduce fly aways and smooth hair down.

Oh, and here’s a quick tip for those of you seeking out beach waves. If you don’t have enough time to complete any of the following tutorials, you can spray hair with a “sea spray” product and scrunch gently to create some body. This instantly gives hair that beach-y vibe. Make your own beach/sea spray by adding a tablespoon of salt to a spray bottle full of warm water.


IMG_3538 2.jpg

Whip out your curling iron. Its honestly one of the easiest ways to achieve some Beachy waves, no matter what your hair length or texture is.

One celebrity I look up to for Fashion inspiration is definitely the one and only Blake Lively! Well lets be honest she can pull any look off! I absolutely love how natural Blake Lively-esque waves, then familiarize yourself with a large curling iron (look for a two-inch barrel, which will make loose waves, rather than tight curls). The trick, here, is to take random three-inch sections—perfection is the enemy of beachy waves—and twirl one section away from your face, then twirl the next section toward your face, alternating directions as you move around your head. Hold the hair against the iron for no more than six seconds, then let it drop, pulling at the ends to loosen the curl into a wave.

I hope you lovelies enjoyed how I get my beachy waves!! Let me know, what your go to hair style is?! Much love as always ❤ Thanks for all the support as well!! xx


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