SkinnyMint Review

I feel like at this point, lots of you have probably already heard of SkinnyMint. I’ve been seeing their Facebook ads, on Instagram and lots of blog post reviews going around for quite some time. I always wanted to give it ago as the whole “detox tea” was a huge trend. Also, can we just take a moment and appericate the cute packaging, I’m definitely someone who loves when brands have amazing creative game, when it comes to packaging!  Awhile ago I was generously given the opportunity to try the SkinnyMint 28 Day Teatox for myself, so of course, I wanted to give it ago, especially after I’ve been seeing so many amazing things about it! It also couldn’t be better timing as, I know I’m one of those people, my NEW YEAR Resolution, (well one of many hehe) is to get working out and healthy again! So I was excited to review the tea and see if its really as good as all these reviews.

Whenever you’ll trying to have a healthier lifestyle I think we all have to remember to kick start a healthier lifestyle, its all about healthy diet and regular exercise for the best results.  I want to get into writing about fitness and health, so definitely let me know, if you lovelies would be interested. I would love to share, all about trying to live a healthier lifestyle and share the ups and downs that come along!


The SkinnyMint 28 Day Teatox is comprised of 28 Morning Boost teabags and 14 Night Cleanse teabags (you drink Night Cleanse every second night). I honestly don’t have a favourite between the two, they both do their job and taste amazing. Which is a huge statement coming from me, as I am not a tea person one bit, I love COFFEE and thats it!

The tea bags are semi-transparent and you can see them packed full of the leafy goodness. These teas are blended in Germany.

What is the Skinnymint 28 Day Teatox?

The 28 day teatox consists of drinking two varieties of tea – one ‘Morning Boost’ which is drank each morning to give you a bit of pep and energy. ‘Night Cleanse’ is drank last thing in the evening every second night, to help ‘flush out toxins’ and remedy bloating and constipation (basically, it makes you poop.) For $54.90 (USD), you receive 28 morning tea bags and 14 night time tea bags.

The aim of ‘teatoxing’ is to ‘help boost your metabolism, flush out toxins, reduce bloating and burn fat’.

The teas are drank alongside whatever you usually eat, and can simply replace your usual morning and evening drinks.

You can read more here



Morning Boost is primarily a green tea blend, with over half the contents of each teabag being green tea leaves. Green tea is a well known aid when it comes to weight loss, helping to boost the metabolism and help burn fat. Since green tea contain caffeine, it will also give you that slight caffeine ‘buzz’ or boost you might get from your regular black coffee kick. Alongside green tea, we have yerba mate, another metabolism boosting tea which is also said to be able to stem your appetite and make you feel fuller for longer as it slows digestion.

I simply like the smell of this Morning Boost blend! As it smells like  pineapples and strawberry with a hint of grapefruit (which is the part i didn’t like).
Taste wise, it’s just a normal, unsweetened Japanese green tea taste. I will say the Morning Boost did definitely give me a caffeine kick similar to what my morning coffee does. This was really important to me as I’m am no way a morning person, so having some extra energy, definitely made the mornings go by better!!

Night Cleanse is a senna tea, supported by a host of other ingredients which boost senna’s main property as a laxative. Now, senna is pretty darn strong stuff! So if you have any digestive problems, I would definitely recommend to talk to your doctor first!

To be honest drinking the Night Cleanse was not enjoyable, it could also be due to that I’m not a teas drinker.

Smelling and tasting strongly of ginger and lemongrass, drinking this tea every other night became more of a chore. I was hoping that the peppermint and hawthorn berries tastes will mask up the ginger-lemongrass-licorice root combination, but it turned out otherwise. I have no idea why it’s stated as an earthy-lemony blend, but it’s not lemony at all, unless you add in your own lemon slice to it.

If you want to find out more check out Skinny Mints website


How do they taste?

‘Morning Blend’ tastes like fruity green tea, as you might expect! Truth be told, I didn’t like green tea at all before starting the teatox and now I actually quite enjoy it. The trick is NOT to brew it in boiling water, as that creates the nasty bitter taste I’m sure more than a handful of us associate with green tea.

‘Night Cleanse’ is pretty darn gingery, which makes it taste very warming and soothing.If either tea isn’t to your taste, you can always add lemon or other citrus fruit, mint, herbs, cinnamon or honey to the blend without hindering their diuretic/ laxative properties. They can also be prepared in advance, kept in the fridge and served with ice.

My Thoughts… 

 I have noticed my stomach is flatter since starting the teatox. I have stated to change my lifestyle and what I eat, so with that being said, I’ve also stopped eating ‘heavy carbs’, refined sugars and excess salt, which all  contribute to bloating.

This was definitely a great kick start to a healthier lifestyle for myself.  I think if you pair this tea detox with a healthy diet and regular exercise you will get the best results!

Even though I did see small results with trying the tea, with less bloating and having a similar caffeine kick like i get with my morning coffee but instead with the Morning Boost. I personally, don’t think the tea detox is going to help in the long run. Unless if you continue to use it every few months. But thats just my thoughts. I think eating healthy and starting to workout will be the two things, I’m going to try to stick with!

*I received Skinny Mint to review, so all my thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

I hope you lovelies enjoyed this review and let me know if you have tried any tea detox before?!


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