Simple and Cute Christmas DIYS!!

I seriously can’t believe, I’m writing this. Its officially December…. Like where has this year gone too? I seriously feel old whenever I say that, simply as its something you would hear your grandparents saying. Its just so true! The older you get the faster time goes by, it seems!

Anyways, since we can start to come to terms with it officially being December, that means getting excited and prepared for the upcoming Holiday season, that will be here before we even know it as well!!

I’ve been trying to get into the Holiday Spirit so the last few days, I’ve been creating some simple and affordable DIYS for the Holidays!

Christmas DIYS

I hope you lovelies enjoyed the video and let me know if you would recreate any of these Holiday DIYS!! To watch my HOLIDAY DIYS CLICK HERE!  Also definitely SUBSCRIBE as I have many videos planned and will be announcing  some EXCITING NEWS SOON!!

IMG_2392IMG_2396 2

Thanks for all the support as always, it truly means a lot! Also huge thank you to all you long time followers. I can’t begin to explain how much the support means, simply as I haven’t been as committed to my blog the past 7 months and I really want to change that. So having the support will give me even more motivation to get creating more blog posts! Side Note, 2018 will be a huge year of new changes and I want to create more content on both my blog and Youtube channel, well in all honesty I just want to step up my social media game again!!

Thanks for all the support loves!! ❤




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