Spring Makeup and First Impressions of Beauty BigBang products

Now that the warmer spring like weather is now here, it’s time for some spring makeup looks as well!

Spring makeup looks, are definitely one of my favourites, even though I’m someone who tends to stick with warm tone looks. As, I feel warm tone eyeshadows look best, on my skin tone and hair colour. However, we can still make those warm tone eyeshadow looks, SPRING ready! The best way to do so, is to use some brighter orange tones and blend them into more of a warm tone shade. Just like any eye look, blending and adding more eyeshadow is the key to achieve is blended and fierce eyeshadow look!


To start this look off, we first need to get the skin looking even and covering up any dark circles. To do so, I used my go to drug store foundation, which is the one and only, CoverGirl 3in1, this foundation has been my holy grail for years now! I love the coverage it gives, plus it lasts all day and doesn’t get to oily, which is a huge plus especially on those warm days. I than followed up with some concealer and if you loves have followed my blog or watched any of my makeup looks than you know what concealer I used… Of course I than set everything in place with some pressed powder.



For my eyebrows theres no change there, just filled them in with my favourite brow pencil which is by NYX! Than I followed up with the NYX Brow Mascara.


Moving on to the eyes and using the Beauty BigBang eyeshadow palette that I actually quite enjoyed. I was a little heisted as many less expense eyeshadow palettes, are quite chalky and have pretty much 0 pigment. However, this eyeshadow palette was the quite opposite, which I must say, I will definitely be using it, throughout the spring and summer time!



As you can see the colour pay off is very good! Plus, that was just one swatch for each shade. It’s comparable to my beloved Urban Decay Ultimate Palette.

Now moving onto the lips, let me just say how much I love this shade! The formula is quite good, especially for how affordable it it! The shade is called ‘Naked’ by Beauty BigBang its seriously, such a perfect colour for the warmer months. I absolutely love peachy nude shades, so theres no doubt I’ll be wearing this a ton!


To see all the products I used check out my channel and video! Spring Makeup and Beauty BigBang Review


I also posted a blog all about the Beauty BigBang products that I used and my full review.

Definitely check out Beauty BigBang’s products at https://www.beautybigbang.com/. I also have a discount code for you lovelies. You can use the code TMX10 for 10% off.

As I’ve said many times before, I will only share my thoughts and opinions on products I actually love and I do love the eyeshadow palette and liquid lip stick. I also just want to say that I’m not getting any profit from the discount code. It’s just there for you, to help save a bit of money if you want!

I hope you lovelies enjoyed! Thanks for all the support as always, I literally can’t say thank you enough, especially for all the ongoing support after all these months for not posting many blog posts. The support means everything to be, so huge thank you loves!! ❤

Also, let me know if you’ve ever heard of Beauty BigBang products and if you want to try out some of their products?!

Much love xx



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