The Lavender Farm + Life Update…

Hey lovelies,

Where do I even begin! I’m sure if some of you are still supporting my blog and other plateforms, you all know, that I’ve had a few huge changes happen in my life recently. I am trying to make time to start getting back at it with posting content and refinding that passion and some part of the old me! Its going to be a journey, but I also want to start sharing my life with you all.

Since starting school, I have found some amazing friends and unlike in the past, these people seem to be my people! Growing up in a small town, it can be channelging to find your real friends. ¬†Don’t get me wrong, I have meant some of my best friends in my small town, but now living in the big city, theres so many different people. People who have similar interests as me and others who dont share many of the sma einterest, but who are genuine real people.

I guess, its all just a learning game. So far its been one of the best learning games, I’ve had to experience in life this far!

Anyways, the whole point of this blog post, is to explain that I want to change up some of my content and also just be more real and open with you all. I want to share, my experience as a Fashion Student, Living in Toronto and all things life is throwing my way. I of course still want to post all things Fashion, beauty and DIY related, I just want this blog to me more me and lifestyle as well!

Moving on, since starting school, ive met some of my best friends, I can already tell! I truly beilieve some of the people who show up in your life, show up in the perfect time!

A few weeks ago, I went to the Lavender Farm with one of the sweestest girls, I have ever meet. This day was one of the best days, I’ve had in the city, so far.


I can’t wait to get sharing my life more and just want to say a huge THANK YOU to all you lovelies, who have struck by me during these long breaks, I’ve taken from blogging and just creating content. I can never thank you enough!

Much LOVE xo




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