Fall Fashion Trends 2018

Fall is officially here! To be honest its kinda biter sweet, as Summer just went by far to fast and its one of the best seasons and fashion in my opinion!

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 1.22.04 PM

Lets talk some upcoming Fall Trends this year in the fashion world! Let me know what trends you’re excited for and what ones you might not be wearing!

Vintage-Inspired Furs

Last season it was all about the statement fur, but for fall 2017 we’re going back to basics. No frills, just fur.

’70s Plaid

When you hear plaid, you typically think of ’90s grunge. But this season is all about the bright plaid from the ’70s. 

Retro Hats

Tired of beanies? Fashion icons like Marc Jacobs, Coach are throwing it back to brimmed caps and bucket hats featuring vintage textiles like shearling and fur.

Victorian Collars

This fall, you’ll be neck deep in Victorian-inspired collars. It’s the turtleneck’s fancy older sister. This look I’m not super excited about but who knows it might just grow on me! 


Broad Shoulders

We should maybe start shopping in the men’s section. Actually our Grandpas, to be exact, they probably have many blazers and jackets with shoulder pads in them.  Oversized blazers and shoulder pads are making a come back this Fall. It’s a never-ending debate on whether shoulder pads should return, and I’m on the fence with this one. I do love some blazers with shoulder pads but sometimes I find it to be a little much. What’s your thoughts?! 

shoulder .jpg

Nylon Coats

The nylon coats seen at Michael Kors and Céline. I love Nylon coats as they are a transitional piece and perfect for this undecided weather we are getting. One day it’s hot and the next it’s freezing. These coats are chic, super wearable, and can be conveniently packed away in your suitcase or closet and you don’t have to fear of them wrinkling.


Aren’t slowing down anytime soon. You’ve probably seen them fill Instagram feeds. They are fun to style with distressed jeans and even shorts. There’s so many ways to add them into an outfit and make them dress up an outfit!

Chocolate Brown

This trend I didn’t think would happen. It’s maybe cause I’m a black or grey type of girl. Not a big fan on blown clothing. Maybe the 90’s chocolatey/nude lip trend everyone is all about is now making its way into the fashion world. 

Wide Belts

Wide waist belts are making their comeback this season, and in all the right proportions. I use to be obsessed with wide belts a few years back, so I’m a bit excited for this come back!

Belted Coats
Will be seen all around. I can’t wait to find a statement fur or a leather trench jacket with waist belts. I have a few trend coats with belts that I use to just throw the belts in my closet as I liked to wear the jackets open and flowy, but now I’m excited to try wearing them with the belts now!
What Fall Fashion Trends are you lovelies looking forward too?! Also is Fall Fashion your favourite as well?!
Thanks for all the support as always lovelies and I’m hoping to be back on track with blogging ❤ xx

2 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Trends 2018

    1. Aww love this!! Yes Victorian collar tops are so cute, I personally can’t pull them off. Haha thats so true! Thanks for your support and sweet comment lovely! It truly means a lot ❤ xx

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