MaskerAide Review

Thanks to one of my blogger friends and real life friend Mikayla, she gave me these products to test and review!

I first off want to say, how amazing it is to meet some of the most incredible and inspiring people throughout this blogging journey! It truly inspires me to push through and start creating more content again. As its one of my true passions, but the oppourtunites and people I’ve met have been literally life changing! Anyways, I will be writing a whole blog post about all this, as i want my blog to be more me and I want to keep track of my journey, not just Beauty, fashion and DIYS. I want to rebuild this community I had!



I recently tried out some sheet masks from the Canadian company Maskeraide. Sheet masks are a type of facial mask I was less familiar with. Rather than applying a thick paste to your face, sheet masks are a special type of mask made from thin fiber that is cut out to contour the face. The fiber mask is soaked in a highly concentrated serum infused with vitamins and nutrients. Sheet masks tote a variety of benefits, such as the fact that they provide superior deep hydration.


The sheet masks from Maskeraide come drenched in a highly concentrated Argan Oil based serum that is also packed with vitamins and nutrients to solve a variety of skin concerns. The masks are free of parabens, harsh dyes and pigments, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, glycerins and benzophenone. These masks are vegan, and appropriate for all skin types! Plus the packaging is gorgeous!

The rage in sheet masking right now is to “mini-mask” and target specific areas of the skin. Some sheet masks just come with mini masks while others come with both the mini masks PLUS a sheet mask. Crystal Clear focuses on brightening and clarifying the skin so get ready to use your body as a sticker book and start peeling these masks from their sheet!


The mask itself comes out folded in half and soaking in lavender-scented essence. The essence was actually quite thick and plump and there was tons left in the package. The mini masks peeled off so easily and if you only wanted to target certain areas, there are more than enough masks for TWO people!


Overall, I am very impressed with this company. It is proudly Canadian, and eco-friendly. These masks are much less messy than traditional face masks, and very easy to remove. Unlike other masks, this mask doesn’t harden on the face- you can remove it after 10-20 minutes of wear and it will still be moist. . The masks are very hydrating and soothing- they’re relaxing to use, as you can just sit back and put your feet up for 10-20 minutes while the mask works its magic. After using these mask, I immediately noted that my skin felt extremely soft and supple- I am very pleased with the results!




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