22nd Birthday Weekend…

Heyy lovelies, thanks for all the ongoing support! Well here’s to another year and maybe this year will be one of the best yet. So far 22, has been amazing.


My life the last six months has been a complete mess, with starting school and moving to the city and overall just starting my life. Its been harder than I thought to balance school life as well as creating content. I really want to start getting on a better schedule with everything, as I do miss creating content and its also a great way to de-stress and just focus on what I want to do with my life.

Anyways, my birthday weekend was so much fun, being able to reconnect with a long time friend, and you know who you are!! Shes also a fabulous photographer, so I’m grateful to have friends like this in my life, where we go years without seeing each other and reconnect and catch up, like it was nothing.


I’m also so grateful for all the amazing people I’ve met in the city so far, of course there’s some people I really question and some situations I wish I wasn’t in, but that’s life, right?

IMG_1645 copy 3

Here’s to an amazing year and I can’t wait to see where this year will lead me…

Much love to all you lovelies!! ❤




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