Winter Must Haves


With reports of snowstorms on the horizon, many of us have had a really snowy and cold winter so far! It seems like winter will also be sticking around for a while, as well…

If you are anyone like myself than winter is a struggle. From the freezing cold to the dark nights and days and just everything winter is all about to be honest. But, the joys of living in Canada, Winter sticks around for a good 5 months, or longer…

I’m counting down for SPRING and can’t wait to not be freezing all the time!

WATCH my WINTER MUST HAVES – Winter Must Haves || Winter Favourites || TaylorTalksxo

winter must haves

Anyways, I filmed a video on some of my Winter Must Haves and the items that help get me through the long cold winters! Definitely go take a watch, as I go more in depth and share more items than the few I’m going to talk about in this post! Also if you’re not SUBSCRIBED, please do so, it would be a lot plus you can than stay updated on when I upload new videos! Thanks for all the support as always!!

So the few items I want to talk about…

Lets first talk about Coconut Oil and how its a life saver! Especially in the cold brutal winters. I don’t know about you, but in the winter time my skin and hair get so dry its honestly crazy, anyways coconut oil is always there to save the day. Its super moisturizing and I love to use it as a hair mask. I usually put a whole bunch in my hair once a week, preferably before bed, I cake my ends to mid hard of my hair in coconut oil, and put my hair in a bun, I usually put a shower cap over my hair, so the coconut oil doesn’t get all over my pillows and such. Anyways, I than wash my hair and make sure I focus the shampoo on my roots, as we want to make sure all the coconut oil is risen out especially at the roots. Even though, like I said I only focus the coconut oil on the ends to mid half of my hair, it can sometime still get onto your roots and a oily greasy hair look is not what we are trying to go for!


The coconut oil just helps to moisturize the ends of hair, which tend to get the most damage not only for the cold brutal winter but also from any hot hair tools you may use and also if you dye or colour your hair. But we all know this, right?!

The next item I want to share is my favourite moisturizer of all time! Its the Soap and Glory Righteous Butter, this stuff is literally my holy grail! Its so moisturizing and like I already said my skin tends to get very dry especially in the winter, so this moisturizer has literally saved my skin for years now. I honestly don’t even know how many of these I have gone through. Also can we take a moment to appreciate the scent of Soap and Glory products!! Especially from their original line, the scent is just so fresh and oh so good! Its one of my favourite things about Soap and Glory products!


Anyways, I could go on and on about some of my other MUST HAVES FOR WINTER, but I showed everything in the video and truthfully am running on of time to work on the blog post. The Student Life…

I hope you lovelies enjoyed and will also go give some love on my video, it would mean the world to me! I just want to say a massive THANK YOU, for all the support as always, it truly means so much, I literally don’t have enough words to even begin to explain. I have been loving to use my blog and other social media platforms to share my passions and I am just so happy that I am back with posting again!!



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