Winter Hacks 2019

Winter can be a harsh 5 months or sometimes even longer. So if you live in a cold climate than you know the struggle! I honestly can’t wait for one day to live in a warmer climate, simply as I am not a fan of the cold one bit, and the winter seriously affects me, so you lovelies that live in a warm climate I’m so jealous hehe!! Anyways, I think we Canadians are winter survivors.

One hack that I love and have been using this year is..

Winter weather is sweater weather, which means you tend to wear yours out. Got one that’s pilling? Take a cheap disposable razor and run it over the problem areas. It will look like new in no time.

Another hack I’ve been doing lately as well is…

That’s right! Dryer sheets to tame your mane. It honestly works plus it also makes sure hair smell like a fresh load of laundry and who wouldn’t like that!

Go watch my video where I share some other beauty and fashion HACKS FOR THE WINTER!!

Winter Hacks

I show and explain 8 hacks that I have been using the last few months. Also be sure to SUBSCRIBE!

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Thanks for all the support as always lovelies! Let me know what hacks you use in the winter time?!



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