Aveeno and Neutrogena Event and New Products

Hey lovelies!

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend the Neutrogena and Aveeno Event in Toronto. It was seriously such a fun event! I got the oppourtunty to meet some other bloggers and even Youtubers, that I have been supporting for years.

Both Aveeno and Neutrogena have launched new products from 2019, which I will be doing a few blog posts on to share my reviews about the products.

Anyways, I filmed a video sharing some of the products and I will do follow up skin care routine and other blog posts talking about the new products.

Check out the video here…

New Products 2019| Aveeno and Neutrogena + Neutrogena Event Toronto |


Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for the upcoming blog posts and videos, as im trying my best to get back at creating content again!

I want to thank Neutrogena for the amazing time at the event!

Thanks for all the support, as always!
Remember to always follow your passion! xx



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