Neutrogena Hydro Boost 50 SPF SunScreen Review

Sunscreen is one of those love, hate products that I always find to be a pain. However, being so pale, I need to cake on the SPF, plus we all have to remember to protect our skin, as much as possible. Our skin is so delicate to the sun, even if you don’t burn, within time the sun UV rise does so much damage to your skin and most of the time, we don’t even notice it.

Anyways, all my fellow Canadians the sunny weather is here to stay, at least for a few short months… We also now have a new Sunscreen that you check out! Neutrogena released this New Hydro Boost Sunscreen in early April.

So lets get onto the review…

IMG_5906 2

First off, I am quite picky when it comes to sunscreen. I’m not a fan of sunscreens that are thick or ones that take forever to absorb. Cause lets be real, who actually enjoys getting fully ready in the morning?! I’m not a morning person, so finding products that actually work is a must. So I have a checklist that most products don’t actually pass… 1. can’t be thick, and it has to absorb quickly. Its that simple, however many products seem to always fail this one step! 2. It has to be moisturizing, cause who has time to put on moisturizer in the morning and wait for that to dry, before you put on some sunscreen.

Since my skin is so pale, I seriously mean pale like a piece of paper, I burn easily. So I always try to buy at least sunscreen thats 50 SPF or higher. Lets also face it, sunscreen can be expensive, when you need a lot of it, plus if you need to reapply it ever few hours. So finding an affordable sunscreen that will last is always a bit of a challenge.

As far as fragrance goes, unless I’m planning on going to the beach, I’m not a fan of lotions that smell like sunscreen. However, I do have to say, I like the smell of certain sunscreen, but not when the scent lingers and your not at the beach. Some people love it and/or prefer unscented options, but I’ve realized that if it smells like sunscreen, I’m not going to use it everyday, especially if you plan on wearing perfume. Which for me, wearing some type of fragrance is a must! One reason why I’m loving this new Hyrdo Boost Suncreen is that its not overpowering or super perfume-y. It has a light scent that disappears a few minutes after you rub it in, which is perfect of everyday wear in my opinion, especially during the summer months!

IMG_5951 2

It might sound weird but I’ve timed it multiple times, to see if the 10 second claim is actually true, and it TOTALLY IS!! A quarter-sized blob of the Hydro Boost absorbs in about 10 seconds, it also disappears on pale, medium, and deep skin tones, which is amazing so this product will work for everyone!

Another huge reason, why I actually love this sunscreen is that the formula is so light, it sinks in like water! It doesn’t feel anything like a typical sunscreen by any means. This Hydro Boost sunscreen is so much better, as it actually leaves your skin soft, moisturized, and slightly matte. Which has always been the complete opposite experience with any other sunscreen I’ve used throughout the years, and let me just say, I’ve tried out many different sunscreens and brands!


This sunscreen is definitely going to be the one I reach for during the summer and even on sunny days, right now. So thankful that Canada is actually starting to get half decent weather, after a Winter that was ever lasting!

Neurtrogena did send me this product to test out, as its new to Canada! All opinions are 100% my own. Neutrogena has been a brand I’ve been using for many many years. I truly love their products and have found that most of their products work every well with my skin, which is very important to me.

I hope you lovelies enjoyed and let me know, if you’ve tried out the Hydro Boost SunScreen or any of the other Hydro Boost products from Neutrogena!

Thanks for all the ongoing support as always!

Much love xx



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