How to Style Winter Coats

The cold snowy weather is still here, so lets talk about some ways to style a winter coat! Styling outfits in the colder months can really be a struggle, as sometimes layering many pieces can not always look the best. Well, lets face it, many of us don’t like to look like a marshmallow, from layering shirts, to sweaters and than jackets. This winter has been very cold and than we are given some warmer days, which are the days I like best!!

Anyways, I just uploaded a video on how I personality Style Winter Coats. Be sure and Subscribe to my channel, so you can stay up to date on my content!

Styling Witer Coats

I love to layer sweaters and even add different textures, like a faux fur vest under a coat, just to add some detail and again texture! Also statement necklaces are a must as well as blanket scarves and hats. In the videos I share where I got the items from and how I style each of my favourite coats for the Winter Season.

I hope you lovelies enjoyed and let me know what coat you liked best. Also let me know how you like to style a jacket?

Thanks for all the support as always, it truly means a lot!!



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