What I learned in my 22 years| TaylorTalks

My life the last year has been a stressful mess, with studying full time and taking a fast track program. Its been harder than I thought to balance school life as well as creating content. I really want to start getting on a better schedule with everything, as I do miss creating content and its also a great way to de-stress and just focus on what I want to do with my life.


Anyways, my birthday weekend was so much fun, celebrating with the most amazing friends and special people in my life! It was definitely one of the best years in my life so far!

2019 was a year with many ups and downs. It was the year where I found myself and who I want to be. It was a big year where I realized, at the end of day you only have yourself to count on. With that being said, I gained lots of amazing friendships and I’m so grateful to be surrounded by amazing friends and living in one of the cities I always wanted to live in.


One of my big accomplishments this year is Graduating from TFS Fashion Marketing program. It was one of the most stressful 18 months in my life, but I gained my best friends and learned so much about the Fashion Industry. I gained so many practical skills and also learned many qualities and life lessons about myself.


Anyways, I could go on FOREVER… Onto the things I have learned being 22…

1. It’s OK to say no. You don’t need to give an explanation or feel guilty.

2. You are not worthless. You have a purpose. You are determining your own path.

3. Stop pretending to be fine when you aren’t. It’s OK to admit you are hurting and struggling. There are people who love you and want to help.

4. Stop trying to just get through life. It’s not something to be gotten through. It’s something to be experienced and learned from. See the good in every part of it.

5. Don’t lose yourself. This world is hard and people will try to tear you apart. Don’t let it break you. Your empathy and genuineness are one of a kind.

6. When you’re feeling lonely, learn to sit with it. Stop looking for love in shallow places. Sleeping with a guy is not going to make him love you. You are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for.

7. Respect yourself. If you don’t, who will?

8. Speak up. You deserve to be heard. Don’t be afraid to let people know what’s on your mind. Staying quiet won’t accomplish anything for you.

9. Have confidence. Stop focusing on your “imperfections.” You are you, and that is beautiful.

10.Don’t allow others to define you. They will try to convince you that they have you all figured out, but no one knows you the way that you do.

11.When you wake up, think of three things you are grateful for. Starting your day with a positive mindset helps influence how the day plays out.

12. Being nice can sometimes get you hurt.

13. You can’t help everyone.

14. Some people walk out of your life and thats okay, cause everything is life is a learning lesson.


Now some quotes and saying I have found to be true, especially this last year!

15.Not everyone will stay in your life.Yup, that’s true. When I was a kid, I thought that whoever I see now will be with me till the end. However, as I grew older, things changed. Many left the endless journey, for different reasons. No matter how much they promised to keep close, time and circumstances will bound you to forget about them. You need to be strong at heart and deal with it.

16.Life is a Bitch! Yes, it is a bitch and will try to bring you down as much as it can. But, don’t lose hope during this phase. A lot of good and bad things will happen to you in your life, doesnt matter how old you are.

17.You won’t get everything that you wish! Yes, you heard it right, don’t expect that you will be getting what you want. Life has a very complicated way of working out, and it doesn’t give you something you don’t deserve. So, if you don’t get something that you wished… Don’t cry for it, just move ahead with time. Maybe you will get something better. However, it doesn’t mean that you won’t try your best to get it; sometimes you need to work very hard to get what you want.

18.Enjoy life to the fullest! You have got just one life, and that too is passing by every minute. Try to live life to fullest, so that you don’t regret the things you didn’t do when you grow old. Don’t care about others because in the end, you need to impress only one person in life – YOU! One of my friends regularly suggests me to try out everything that comes my way, at least once! So that I can have a broad experience.

19.Never give up on your dream.Even if it seem like an impossible task, you should never give up on it. Nothing is impossible, and you never know when the odds turn on your side and let you accomplish it.

20. If something doesn’t made you happy or stresses you out try to find what that thing is and find a solution. If you aren’t in a good relationship, than leave, if you arent happy with your job or career path than make a change, if that has to be quitting your job. At the end of the day, whats the point waking up stressed out and unhappy all day. Life is too short to be unhappy.

21. Sometime you have to say F*ck it! This has been something that I’ve said a lot especially after this year. I hate the feeling of being stuck and thats what has been happening in my life, with my health, that has been affecting my whole day to day life.

22. The last thing I have learned especially this year is following what I want to do in life.


I hope 2020 is one of the best years for all you lovelies! I also want to say a huge thank-you to all of you lovelies who have stuck by myside and continue to support me and the content I create. The last year I have not been consistent at all and I am going to put in more effort to change that, as creating blog posts and videos is an outlet for me and is one of my passions.

Here’s to an amazing year and I can’t wait to see where this year will lead me…

Much love to all you lovelies!! ❤




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