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As many of you may know, I am a fashion marketing student in Toronto and am now a FASHION MARKETING GRADUATE!!!

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One of my big accomplishments this year is Graduating from TFS Fashion Marketing program. It was one of the most stressful 18 months in my life, but I gained my best friends and learned so much about the Fashion Industry. I gained so many practical skills and also learned many qualities and life lessons about myself.

I believe that everyone should be doing something that they love, and following they’re dreams – whatever that may be.

My School and Program
I went to the  Toronto Film School for Marketing for Fashion and Entertainment. This is a fast-paced 18-month program that covers everything from Communications and Marketing – to Styling,  Trend Forecasting, Public Relations and more. The program is broken down into 6 terms (or semesters).  Each term (or semester) is three months long and is continuous  so no you don’t get summer off. Typically get one-two week break in-between terms.
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This program allowed me to gain skills and knowledge in every aspect in the Fashion Industry. The only thing The Marketing for Fashion and Entertainment program doesn’t touch on much is actual fashion design, which is a whole different world compared to the marketing business side of the Fashion Industry.  Toronto Film School has many hands-on type of classes and all teachers are industry professionals. They all have experience and lots of knowledge that they can relate to each of the course – and that makes it very interesting and relevant!
I graduated from this program just a few weeks ago, the end of December.
Some of my favourite courses were Styling, Trend Forecasting, Public Relations, Digital design, Visual Merchandising, Website design, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.
Throughout the program I learned a lot about the Fashion Industry, gained many skills and also learned about myself and where in the industry I see myself in.
The fashion industry isn’t for everyone, just like every industry isn’t meant for everyone.  The fashion industry is fast paced, always changing, so you need to be  made for passionate, creative, determined, and have self motivation. This field can be very competitive and hard to be noticed. However, if you are serious about it, your hard work WILL pay off!
I get this question a lot and everyone seems to ask what are you going to do after you graduate?
To be honest, I still don’t have a straight answer. As I am interested in so many areas within the Fashion Industry, its hard to narrow it down. So I decided that since I am someone who wants to get into the creative industry, I am going to get my Makeup Certification as I helped out in a few photoshoots throughout the year and a half, I have decided thats an area I am interested in.
After the Makeup Artistry program, I am hoping to get a full-time job working in digital marketing or Public Relations. I love creating content and everything is going online now-a-days. Bottom line my passions are beauty, fashion, social media, writing, photography, and even Interior Design.

Thanks for all the support as always!

Much love to all you lovelies!! ❤





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