Winter Lookbook 2020

Heyy lovelies! With winter being here and let me just tell you, winter in Canada the last week has been an adventure. I’ve lived in a small town for many years, where winter gets to be a lot. With snowfalls of a inches at a time, than when I moved to Toronto, I was excited as many people said winter downtown, is normally not that bad, while I guess winter wanted to make a full appearance this year. With temperatures in -30s and even experienced a snow day, where transit is down. Well, all I can say is that its been an adventure.

I uploaded a NEW VIDEO all on outfits for Winter! Go take a look and see where my outfits are from. Watch here



Screen Shot 2017-12-08 at 4.21.17 PM copy

Thanks for all the continued support, I literally can’t say thank you enough to everyone who still supports my blog, YouTube channel and just continues to support! You lovelies are truly the best!!



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