Winter Skin care MUST-HAVES

Hey lovelies, as we all are experincing winter for a few months now, atleast if you life in a cold climate or are living in the cold winter here in Canada. I wanted to share some of my favourite skin care products that have helped my skin throughtout the last few months.

Many of you might know, I’m a true supporter of Neurogena, simply as its been a brand I have been using for many years and has honestly changed my skin. My skin tends to get very dry in the winter time, so Neutrogena’s Gel Products for the HYDRO BOOST line have literally been saving my skin. Every winter, no matter how much moisturizer I put on and no matter the brand, I still get dry skin and extremely dry patches which I’m not a fan of. So long story short, these products have saved my skin and I am beyond happy! These products are now my HOLY GRAILS! I will be posting other blogs talking about these Neutrogena Products and how I’ve been loving them, in more depth! So keep a look out!!!


By the end of an exhausting school/work week, I can physically feel and see that my skin is stressed! Soaking in a nice hot bath is a great remedy, but I much prefer to set up an in-home facial incorporating gentle skincare products.

Using these few products have dramaticllay changed my skin from being so dry and red. I definetely recoomend these products if you also struggle with dry skin, even when its not winter.


I will be posting more in-depth reviews on the Hydro Boost Line soon! So be on the outlook!

Thanks for all the support as always, it truly means a lot!!




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