Room DIYs

Lets get talking, cute and affordable ways to make your room trendy, and just over all cute!! These DIYs are perfect, if you’re moving to a dorm or a shared apartment? If you want to give your room more of a personal touch. Plus, its even better if you are on a budget, as all these DIYs are quite affordable!

Metallics have become very popular in home decor trends over the past couple of years, especially gold and copper. Copper with its earthy metallic tones makes us fall in love with it and it goes brilliantly with so many color palettes. It happens to be a personal favorite of mine, and I think totally underrated!

Watch here Simple and Easy Room DIYS | TaylorTalks

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 6.18.24 PM copy

The first item I DIY’d is…

IMG_5474 2

A jewelry holder! No matter what size bedroom you have, you can always benefit from great jewelry or clothing storage and organization ideas. Here is a fun and budget friendly idea for a simple dresser top jewelry stand that can be created in any dimensions desired.

I love styling different metals in a room and adding some elements of a copper brings in more of a trendy look, since Copper is all the talk within interior design and decorating at the moment! This jewelry stand is perfect as you can simple make this jewelry stand with multiple tiers if you own lots of bling, or create a simple “T” stand for a more minimalist look, the opens are honestly endless!

I than also used more of this copper pipe, as I had quite a bit left over, so…


I created another jewelry holder but this time, on the way. I love this option as well, since it added detail and brings in a different element hanging in the way, along with some pictures and some nail art.

Head over to my Youtube Channel where I posed a new video showing all the new room DIYs and how you can recreate them! Once again, all these DIYs are affordable, easy and trendy to add into your space!

room diys 1

Definitely let me know, if you enjoyed and would recreate any of the DIYs I showed, I would love to know! Thanks again for all the support lovelies, it truly mean a lot!

Much love xx



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