I’m a huge fan of sheet masks because of the convenience and the overall effect after using them.

It’s a charcoal face mask that gets super bubbly and foamy as it sits on your face. The charcoal properties purify the skin and this mask is great in giving your skin a deep clean.

Before you open the package, you rub the mask a bit to activate the bubbles. When you pull it out, it’s already pretty foamy.

Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 2.56.51 PM

To first use the mask, rub the package vigorously to activate and when you take out the mask and expose it to air, it will start to bubble. The bubbles can make the mask slippery so unfolding can be a challenge. I advise working quickly! The actual mask material does not contain any artificial pigments and felt much softer than I thought it would and was incredibly stretchy and formed to my face easily. The bubbles are pretty amazing and it was very amusing to “hear them” as I was moving around the apartment. I removed the mask around the 10 minute mark, massaged the excess bubbles all over my face and neck.

My skin looked so much brighter after I washed off the bubbles! A little tight, but definitely brighter!


I would definitely recommend this mask if you’re a sheet mask lover or if you’ve never tried any before!

The Bubble Bubble Pop! Bubbling Charcoal Mask ($7 CDN) is available exclusively online at Free shipping for orders over $50, however only a $5 flat rate if it’s under!

Have you tried any MaskerAide masks before? Let me know!

Thanks for all the support as always, it truly means a lot!!



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