Fall Favourites 2020

Fall is personally my favourite time of year! With the chilly weather, fall scents and lets just say pumpkin everything! All I can say is Snow please just stay away… So not ready for the cold and everything winter has in store for us.  Winter in Canada is just the best time of year, hence sarcasm…  Anyways, the weather seems to be all over the place, so fingers crossed we actually get a nice Fall season for once!

Fall Must haves

Once again thanks for all the support, whether you follow my blog, Youtube channel, or other social medias, it truly means so much to me, I literally can’t even begin to explain! Before I get all sappy on you, lets talk about some of my Fall must haves and favourites…

Fall is the time for pillows, blankets, candles and now lets not forget Netflix! The mint blanket that I have been loving is from Winners. Mint is my favourite colour,  even through its fall and we tend to gravitate towards neutral and dark colours, mint will always have a spot in my heart. The grey pillow is also from Winners, and the small furry pillow which is very chic is from a local boutique.

JustFab has the best purses and booties for affordable prices! However, the one thing that does make it a bit pricier is the exchange rates, if you are not American. With that being said, they always have trendy items and many different styles. So anyone will find a style they love best! Both the purse and booties are from JustFab, they are made well and the boots are very comfortable. While the purse has a lot of room and can hold a laptop as well.


I have been getting into planning and having a planner is definitely now an essential for me. Its great for helping plan out your days and its a great way to keep all appointments and school work planned out and organized! I have definitely, been looking for inspiration in fashion and photography. The fashion industry is just so exciting and has so many opportunities for inspiring fashion students, bloggers and just anyone who has a passion for fashion. I have been loving the Louis Vuitton Fashion Photography Book, which is just full of photos from his clothing line and fashion shows.

 Like many of us, fall is my favourite time of year and I very much enjoy warm, cozy, home-y scents. Admittedly, I don’t really hold back when it comes to fall candles; I stock up, and even save them for later years. I will burn fall candles right up into the New Year, which is when I typical start to wish for warmer, brighter days. 

There is so much to love about Fall. I love the cozy sweaters and everything leather. I love the smell of pumpkin spiced pie while snuggling up on the couch watching movies. Most of all, I love the fiery autumnal landscapes. Fall is such a romantic season. Another way I’ll be bringing Fall into our home is by infusing it with autumnal scents. This season always reminds me of warm vanilla, apple cinnamon, and sugary spices. While candles are a great way to infuse the home with scent, I decided to try Glade’s Wax Melts Warmer and Wax Melts Refills as an alternative prior to our mini dinner party. I was intrigued by the mess-free and long-lasting fragrance experience it promised.

Those have been some of my current must haves and favourites! Let me know what some of your Fall Must Haves are?!

I hope you lovelies enjoyed ❤



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